Sunday, September 12, 2010

White Carpet Style

So far, this is my favorite white carpet dress at the VMAs.  However, I do think she missed the mark with the hair, and maybe the shoes too.  The shoes remind me of something I bought at BP in Nordstrom back in 1999, and the hair looks a bit undone and somewhere in-between fierce and flop with those random, seemingly accidental colored extensions.  

FAB Marchesa dress, however...perfect for my upcoming birthday! ;-)  She's got such a great bod too...go time I'm sure you'll wow us all the way.

xo, Viva


  1. I have to say, this dress does nothing for me. And the shoes and hair were beyond whack. If we're going with the black and white motif, I vote for Ashley Greene's dress over this one. The dress Eva from Top Model rocked was interesting - had feathers, you'd likey.

  2. This was on another level. you seldom see stars going out on a limb like this. Way to go Katy!

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