Monday, September 27, 2010

"Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think."

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Every time I read that quote by Jean de La Bruyère, it brings one of those "lets put things into perspective" moments that I love so much.  I am lucky enough to know a lot of happy, relaxed, positive and inspiring people in my life.  I also know a few people who are insufferable, negative, unhappy and always stressed out or upset over something.  I am a true believer in that you will receive what you put out into this world.  I read on a Lululemon bag the other day "your outlook on life is a direct reflection of the way you feel about yourself".  These two quotes go hand in hand - and they're completely accurate.  Generally, happy, relaxed, caring and self-assured people receive the best kind of surprises, perks and luck in their lives.  It just happens naturally that way.  Often times I will find the comedy in ridiculously bad situations, where I'd otherwise be pissed off, bitter and resentful.  

A good example of this is my best friend's "parking karma."  She is a very positive, relaxed and confident person who rarely gets angry.  Everything that she seems to touch works out well for her, and parking is a great example.  Without fail, every time she goes anywhere in SF, she finds
rockstar parking right off the bat. Every time.  If you're not familiar with San Francisco, that's a pretty big feat.  There will be times where I will just leave a place because I've been circling for parking for 35 minutes.  Another person I know who I am very close with is constantly inspiring me with his relaxed, endearing and positive outlook on life.  Great things are constantly coming to him, and it is evident that his energy is the reason why-it's inspirational. 

Historically, I tend to get flustered about things from time to time, but recently I've begun to improve on this and I have to say that I definitely notice an all over improvement in the flow of my life in general.  This goes for worrying as well-I am definitely a worrier.  When I finally get fed up with worrying and just "give in", usually everything ends up working out, and that just goes to show that all my worrying was useless and in vain.  The chain/domino effect affects more things in our lives than we realize.  It sounds cheesy, but having an open mind in your life will bring in the good and shed negativity in all forms, (including people)  and opens the door to opportunity.  Once you let go of the small stuff, things begin to work out better seemingly on their own, and the chain effect kicks in - in a good way.  

My mom has been touting "the power of positive thinking" my whole life.  Although there are definitely days from hell where I DON'T want to hear that, as a general rule of life, I'd say that it really is true.  So take charge and open yourself up to more comedy and less tragedy in your life, even when you want to punch something.  That just makes it all the more pleasant to deal with.  

Anyways, to make my point concise, you get what you give out in this world. The best way to earn a good reputation is to actually aspire to be what you're trying to portray.  I generally don't believe in Karma, but I do believe in the domino effect.  Everything in your life is rooted back to you.

xo, Viva


  1. P.S. You mom looks like a midge in this pic

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