Monday, May 27, 2013

For the Ballers: Four Pieces a Man Should Invest In

For The Ballers: Four Things to Indulge In

The Gucci Carryall: A Bag You Won't Mind Carrying Around

Since I can remember, Gucci has boasted their signature red and–green three–stripe panel, found on everything from their horse–bit loafers to sunglasses. 
But today, many “brand heavy” companies are finding themselves in somewhat of a bind — after over a decade spent pushing their brand affiliations through artfully placed logos, along with mainstream media pop culture icons taking it to the extreme extreme - many customers now prefer their luxury goods to be vaguely anonymous looking now, and rightfully so.  
The Rule of Thumb: ONE piece of your ensemble may whisper a good brand, not scream it.  It is no longer all about branding - in fact, it’s looked down on.  Modesty has never gone out of style, gentlemen.

A Brioni (or Loro Piana) Overcoat: The Finishing Touch

Recommended for men who live in the chillier regions of Italy ( ;-) ) or aged 40 and above (generally), the overcoat of a well–dressed man isn't an afterthought, a throw–on, or a thing he should consider later. The overcoat is serious business, and those who know what they are doing and/or can afford the absolute best have turned to Brioni or Loro Piana to deliver overcoats worthy of the rest of their outfits.
Take this double–faced, double–breasted cashmere overcoat: with an impossibly soft hand, (I’ve seen this coat in person) and no interior support or lining whatsoever, it delivers unbelievable warmth with an expertly tailored fit. It also projects an authority that even the most confident among them could use. After dropping a pretty penny on this puppy, let yourself enjoy the added layer of warmth, style, and attitude.  You deserve it.

The New, Updated Moncler V Coat

Moncler has found happy medium between tradition and technology: down–filled jackets with simple wind–resistant shells historically worn by upper elite members of both the fashion world and the sporting world as well. Today, the brand has teamed with Japanese designer Hiroki Nakamura with its heritage–inspired Moncler V line. This jacket brings a shell that has three times as much cotton in it as nylon — which makes it look like a blast from the past with it’s vintage patina, but delivers all the wind and water resistance you need.

On the flip side, look for something like this in puff vest form as well.  Great for cities such as San Francisco (with climates known to shift dramatically during the day, depending on what neighborhood you may be in or what microclimate you’re dealing with), and for blustery spring and fall days in other cities that aren’t yet fully freezing.

Loro Piana Cashmere Pants: The Ultimate in True Style with Endless Comfort

This is a piece that you could definitely live without, but for any special occasion - these wonderful pants offer a welcome variation from suit pants.  They are soft, lightweight, refined, sophisticated and effortless. Every man needs a pair of these at some point in his life.  
Go for taupe, camel, cream, dark brown or grey.


Spring Sunglasses Guide - 2013

Hello Readers - 

Take a look at my Spring '13 Sunglasses Guide.  Yes it's that time of year again, It's time to shell out on a new pair!

Every single one of these shades can go for Men or Women, in my opinion!



So cheap you can buy them in bulk, then scratch or lose them as you enjoy your best summer yet!

Sunglasses ($20) by Neff Headwear,


All-black, with a versatile square shape, ideal for a morning spent dealing with basic business.

Sunglasses ($260) by Burberry,

Oliver Peoples

The frames are titanium and the lenses are polarized sand-quartz, so they'll fit right in with the rest of your nice clothes.
Sunglasses ($535) by Oliver Peoples,

Oliver Goldsmith

A for-sure investment pair of sunglasses - these are Excellent: A double-bridged aviator, with noticeable contrast from top to bottom. Not for the frugal spender.
Sunglasses ($380) by Oliver Goldsmith,


Persol's to me are almost like a fresh, yet grown-up and sophisticated version of Ray Bans. It's time you graduated, my friends. With Persols, everything from the silver arrow to the temple tip reflects the impeccable, effortless Italian design behind these. Many pairs fold in half for convenience, but even if the pair you fall for don't, you'll still find yourself springing for the purchase.  
Not only to be worn just on vacation - I URGE you (men and women) to bring a little bit of Italy into your everyday look.  The ones that matter will notice. 
Genevieve’s personal pick.
Sunglasses ($360) by Persol,


A brand known for it’s use of sleek chrome detailing, application of color and use of wood, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of Toms. Not only do they typically bring a whimsical note -  but a good deed, too. For every pair bought a portion goes to charity.
Sunglasses ($139) by Tom's,

Warby Parker

I couldn’t author a sunglasses reccommendation guide without mentioning Warby Parker.  For both readers and sunglasses, this brand continues to wow me.  Their use of unusual and rare materials continues to improve with each season, and I believe they're one of the frontrunners in the optics industry. 

Almost every style they produce is one I’d recommend, and they come in at an extremely reasonable price point. Cheap and versatile? Take them to work, sailing, swimming. Just don't lose 'em, because they will probably sell out.

Sunglasses ($95) by Warby Parker,


These Zanerobe "Bowie" shades are unisex (as are most good pairs of sunglasses). Your girlfriend will have no idea though, until she decides to steal them.

Sunglasses ($180) by Zanerobe,