Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Monday

 Hi Everyone,

Not that you're on the edge of your seat or anything, but this week will probably be busy for me, but I'll try and get a post up as soon as possible.  

Remember, life is a red carpet!


Ps, here are some pictures of my friends and I at the Balenciaga and Spain exhibit opening party at the De Young museum in San Francisco.   If you're in the Bay Area, check out the exhibit!  I recommend it.

[Halston Heritage stretch satin-jersey gown, Denise James earrings & bracelet]

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Flake

We all have one or a few of them in our lives.  Over the years, I've tried to weed them out the best I could to clear the garden of my life from those pesky little mofos - yes, I'm talking about The Flake.  That annoying, rude, chronically flaky person who always seems to cancel on your plans minutes before with some majorly lame excuse, or a just flat-out rude excuse such as "I'm tired" or "I had a bad day", multiple times.

A flake:  a person who consistently decides not to go to a planned event at the last second; to "ditch" or "bail out."

Now, there is a difference between "flaking", something that we are all allowed to do every once and a while, very sparingly - and "a flake".  A flake is a person who is the constant culprit of this kind of behavior.  A person who always has ridiculous excuses as to why they have to bail out on something at the last minute for the 18th time.  This is a pattern of regular behavior that will label you as A FLAKE!  I'd say if you flake more than once every 3 months - you're "a flake".  Sorry, TRUE.  I'll tell you this much - if you've been trying to shake me as a friend, an expedited route to getting rid of me for good is by flaking a few times - you'll be gone in no time!  

I really don't understand the flake mentality.  Yes, sure, I've flaked before when I really don't feel like doing something after all, but I make a point to do it very rarely.  I save it for those occasions where something else way more awesome has come up or if I'm feeling particularly down, tired or lazy.  Some people throw flaking around like its nothing!  Flake here, flake there.  Flaking, in my opinion, is one of the most disrespectful things a person can do to someone else, especially if it's on a regular basis.  Why are "flaky people" so damn flaky?  I've tried to understand, but unfortunately every time I give it some thought it just plain boils down to a lack of respect for other people and a sense of personal entitlement.  

I really just don't understand why people have such a hard time with saying "no" up front.  What is your issue?  Are you afraid?  Aren't you afraid of the consequences of bailing out last minute more than the temporary disappointment you will receive by telling them "no"?  Also, is it possible for a flaky person to learn to become non-flaky?  If I have any doubt in my mind whatsoever about committing to an event, I will just straight up say no to it, and there's always the possibility that I can pleasantly surprise them by showing up after all.  Flaking is being disrespectful to yourself, not only just to others.  You get to retain your dignity by adhering to this very noble rule of life:  underpromise and overdeliver.  You will gain so many fans by living by that rule, both socially and in business.

Why do flakers flake so much?  What is the root of it?  Are they scared to disappoint other people?  Is it linked with issues from childhood of never being "good enough", so they therefore try to overexert themselves in every other way to make up for that?  What is the root of flaking - that is what I would like to know, because I have such a hard time understanding it.   I guess I'll never know - it's just one of those things.  I could try to ask Flaky Mc. Flakerson, but they'll probably bail at the last minute anyways.

Tell me: after you pass, would you rather be known as "the dependable one", or "the flaky one"?  Something to consider.

C'est la vie.


We're non-flakes

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slightly New Layout

[My blooming plum tree against the San Francisco sky at dusk]

What do you guys think?  I'm pretty tech-unsavvy when it comes to designing my own blog templates, so I'm forced to choose from the default templates and there aren't that many to choose from, but this one is nice.  I was getting a little bored and changed it to this new background...not too different but I like this blush color for spring.

On that note, happy Sunday and check out one of my favorite websites/blogs that I visit every Sunday when it is updated.  You've probably heard of it's one of the most popular blogs out there.  Sometimes the secrets are hilarious, incredibly sad,'s always a fun read on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


[Cedricks fox-fur collar, Burberry London trenchcoat, Bebe earrings, MAC lipstick in creme d' nude]

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Someone Had to Say It

Any handbag with an all-over designer print logo is not ok.  

Sorry ladies.  Let it go.  It had its time.  They should be paying you for ad space!

Hell no.
[Fendi Zucca (more like yuckka) tote]

Something like this Marc Jacobs is much more tasteful, more attractive, less expensive (than the heinous bag above), and is not screaming "LOOK EVERYONE! I BOUGHT A DESIGNER BAG AND IT COST A LOT OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!"  You want a bag that whispers, not screams.
[Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo]

Better yet, if you want a nice bag but are strapped for cash, look into Longchamp bags.  They are very reasonably priced (around $125-$200), they come in a ton of different colors, they are super durable, tasteful and great for everyday use.  But please just say no to the tacky all over print.  It can't be worn with class.

[Longchamp Small Foldable Tote/Basic]

For Once, the Hype is True

This post is for women and men.  Men, don't leave the page just jet!

Alright alright, I know I've already mentioned it on my blog a few times already, but I have to dedicate a post to it.  Retin A.

Whether you're a man or a woman, young or older, have acne-prone skin, aging skin or dry skin, Retin A can most likely help your situation.  I've been doing a lot of research on this product lately and have personally begun using it about two months ago.  I never really had any skin problems all throughout my life.  Combination skin with freckles, a blemish here and there, but nothing of any real annoyance or concern.  People told me all the time I had beautiful skin.  Then,  I became all to0 familiar with the world of adult onset acne.  Yay.  (Sense the sarcasm).  Not only that, but I felt my skin texture change, fine lines starting to form and a general "tired" look to my skin.  The joy of getting older!  (Yes - I'm still young, but it's beginning.)

I decided to get on Retin A after trying a product that contained Retinol (which is similar to Retin A - but less potent and intense and is available without a prescription) and seeing slight results that I liked but that were not really significant enough.  A few people kept telling me "you should try Retin A", but I was hesitant because I felt like it was too early or too intense for me.  I wish I had gotten on it sooner!  I have seen a marked improvement in many different areas of my variety of skin issues.  In addition, almost all the research I've done on the product and all the articles I've read are positive and proclaim that Retin A is the only product clinically proven to make a measurable difference.  Retin A is very commonly misunderstood, which is why I think it is not more widely used.  

The thing about Retin A is, you have to get over the hump.  The first month to six months (depending on your skin) are going to be tough, with increased sensitivity, dryness and irritation.   However, once this subsides (and it will) you will see why this product has devoted users of over 20 years.  I really feel that every woman (and man) should be on this product - even if you're still young.  You should be starting early now so you can preserve that youthful glow that you won't have forever.  If you begin Retin A, you should understand that you will probably be using it for the rest of your life if you want the best results, and I don't see why you wouldn't.  There's also options on which one to take - generic, name brand, ect. and your derm will help you decide which one suits your needs the best.

I can't write a tidbit about Retin A without mentioning how imperative it is to wear a sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher while you're using it.  Your doctor will tell you this, but please don't take it with a grain of salt!  You should be wearing an SPF daily anyways - Retin A or not.  However, you will develop discoloration and other damage if you dabble with Retin A and not sunblock.  

So ladies, do yourself a favor and talk to your doctor about Retin A - you won't regret it!  In many instances, your insurance may even cover it if you're under 30 as an "acne treatment".  So make sure to inquire about that.  I have pasted links to a few articles for you to read if you don't take my word for it!  And as always, make sure maintain a lifestyle of eating right  with plenty of brightly colored vegetables, a food based multivitamin, fish oil and any other supplements you might need, drink enough water and avoid contaminants such as cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, junk food and preservatives to boost not only your physical appearance but your overall being as well.  Retin A wont do it all alone!


Retin  A testimonial links:

Back to beautiful thanks in part to Retin A
[Gucci shades, Bebe lace blouse, MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick]

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Worth its Weight in Gold, but Nowhere Near as Costly

A couple posts back, I asked for your advice on a great moisturizer without a sunscreen.  Ever since I've begun using Retin A, my usual go-to moisturizer for 15 years, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion was just not enough to combat all the dryness associated with Retin A.  Retin A is an incredibly effective skin treatment that is the only scientifically proven product to make a measurable improvement in wrinkles, discoloration, blotchyness, acne and generally all skin issues across the board.  However, it does make your skin very susceptible to sun damage, and I've experienced increased dryness as well.  That is why it is imperative to wear a sunscreen with a physical sunblock every day, and also to use an effective moisturizer as well.

Well, ladies (and gentelmen!)...I've found a great one and would like to share it with you all!  Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream.  I have combination skin that is more on the dry side now.  This cream is by far the best one that I've come across in my journey.  What stands out to me the most is that it is instantly softening, as soon as you smooth it on.  It is fragrance free, and is not greasy, but provides serious moisturizing strength.  It doesn't leave my skin oily, waxy, or greasy and preps my skin perfectly for make up application.  I know we all have different skin types and this one might not be for you, but if you are looking for a new everyday moisturizer I recommend trying it.  And, it's reasonably priced as well at $46 for 4.2 oz - which is cheap compared to some of the other moisturizers on the market I was considering switching to.  Yes, there are lots of AMAZING moisturizers that feel divine on my face, but I just can't and I refuse to commit to paying $85 for one or two measly ounces of face cream - I'll go through it in less than a month!!!!  One day when I'm loaded, maybe, but for now this cream is marvelous and priced perfectly for the average money saving girl.

One last thing - Keihls makes a similar product called Ultra Facial Lotion, which is slightly lighter, and they also make a "Panthenol Protien Moisturizing Face Cream" which is slightly heavier.  Both of which are also just as lovely, depending on your skin type.  For men too!

Vieve's Verdict: A+

Monday, March 7, 2011

Black Cherry Baby

Here's an image of my new new red hair as one or two of you asked for.  It kind of looks different in the two pictures due to my cameraphone, and the lighting.  I decided I wanted a more dark dark black cherry color.  I think this is the final color I'll be sticking to for a while...I personally love it.  I didn't want something too Jessica Rabbit (I do have a day job, after all) but I wanted it to be bold and striking, still.  This dark black cherry color hit the mark for me.  This is the first time I'm straying from my usual golden almond blonde in 15 years!  Sometimes you gotta just mix it up.   However, it is definitely interesting and funny - the shift in looks, vibe, ect. I have received since going red.  The type of people who notice you, ect.  Always fun to change it up a bit and be a slightly different person for a while.

I used an Alfaparf color (shout out to Jilly-poo who made it happen!) which has left my hair feeling incredibly soft and silky - like a deep conditioning treatment.  I recommend this brand of color for those looking to dye their hair.  Also, all their colors are incredibly vibrant and end up looking really healthy as well.

Hopefully you guys will be nicer than the last red hair post.  Jeesh guys, tell me how you really feel. Lol.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Vieve's Verdict: A+

Some time back, I created a post summarizing my notable face primers.  There was one in particular - Mac Prep and Prime Face Protect SPF 50 - that I listed but had not yet tried out yet, and I promised I'd update once I did.

I have had a chance to try this one out, and I wanted to make a post to proclaim to the world that this is a great product, and will definitely be the primer I am sticking to!  I can't tell you how happy I am to finally find a sunblock that I can wear on a daily basis.  Every other sunscreen I've tried has been a disaster - leaving my face feeling waxy, oily, sticky, making me break out, making it impossible to put makeup on top of it.  This product both protects my skin with a comfortably high SPF of 50 while simultaneously anchoring my makeup and providing a smooth, flawless canvas to give me the look I want all day long.  In addition, it contains a physical sunblock as well, which is another perk.

I highly recommended this!  Vieve's Verdict: A+


Someone Had to Say It

I had to reserve a special post for Madonna's ensemble at the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar afterparty.

This look never works.  Never. When Britney Spears did it a while back, it looked just as batshit crazy as it does on Madonna now, in addition to making otherwise normal sized thighs look like mannish, sasquatch thunder thighs.  Ladies, save this look for Halloween only.  The fake looking fur, lace + fishnets horror show and bodysuit are so beyond any word that is coming to mind....I can't.  I actually get angry and offended looking at this.  

In addition, I'd like to add:  the show "Fashion Police" on E! is one of my favorite and most respected programs-I don't really make a point to catch any other shows on Television besides this one.  I tune in every week to watch Fashion Police, and that's saying a lot.  I find the banter to be hilarious and the fashion opinions and critiques spot on.  However, during the Fashion Police Oscar special, I was severely disappointed and angered by the Madonna ass kissing going on - all four of them (Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, Juliana Rancic and George Kotsiopoulos) approved of this disaster because "It's Madonna, so it works".  NO, it doesn't! What the hell is wrong with them?? I'd even argue that her being Madonna specifically is what makes this so bad! She looks great for her age, but this is the epitome of crazy cat lady gone prostitute to afford her cat food.  Ladies and gentleman of Fashion Police I expect MORE from y ou.  Keep this up and I'll be tuning out!

I apologize for being harsh.  Had to get that off of my chest.  Her daughter looks adorable, however.