Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back Soon...

Hi All,

I apologize for not posting anything recently.  Expect a fab post soon...and leave any blog suggestions in the comments below!  Lord knows I could use it.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Online Shopping Triumph

I thought I'd share this little online feat that makes me excited, and is a great example of the product of following the book of rules - my previous post "Online Shopping Bible".  It's the little things!  This bag:

Was being sold at Bloomies for $499.  I did a little online research and found it for $170 on .  I love it, it's by Delsey and it is white white white, my favorite color...and I love how it's faceted like a gem.  It has a TSA lock on it as well as a 10 year warranty.  Pretty good considering I could have paid $330 more for it!  It's really durable too...just like a Tumi.  For all those non-online shopping believers...BELIEVE.  Perhaps I should start up a little biz on the side where you tell me what you want and I'll find it online for you for a small fee.  For all those too lazy or busy to go out and hunt for that blouse they loved and tried on in the store but was one size too small.  I can work miracles best friend even says it's "my specialty", lol.

Can't wait to use my new rollie toy at the Beverly Wilshire when I go to LA for Disneyland!  

Enjoi...thought I'd share my new favorite luggage website with you all.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Men think about the way things are, women think about the way things could be".

Men think about things the way they are, and women think about things in terms of the way they could be.  I'm not sure when and where I came across that statement, but it definitely has resonated and stuck with me over the years.  It's true.

I think about things too much sometimes.

Maybe if I (we) stopped thinking about the way things could or "should" be and actually enjoyed and appreciated what we have right now, it would allow things to happen and progress on their own momentum and we would end with what we wanted the entire time, maybe even a better outcome than what we thought we wanted. I am a culprit of worrying and stressing over how things are going to turn out.  Often times I think this actually hinders the natural progression of things and in turn actually works in the exact opposite way I'd like it to, similar to jealousy.  Jealousy has the exact opposite effect you'd like it to have.  Don't let what could be distract you from the reality of what is, as whats happening is only going to happen once, and you just might miss it while its here.  You can't control everything, and sometimes its easy to forget that.  You have to practice when to step back and let life take you there.  The act of obsessing over what you want and why it's not a certain way can skew your grasp on reality, and before you know it you've become lost in your own head.

Take it from a self-proclaimed worry wort: it's NOT worth it!  Overall, it just makes things worse, and it also turns men away...something else to consider.

Enjoy your weekend, ladies.

Don't worry, be happy.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Somebody Has to Say It

If you're a celebrity and you're going to do a perfume, for god sake, please do me a favor and keep it anonymous.  Is is just me who feels this way, or are all celebrity perfumes tacky tacky tacky?  There is not one that I'd wear without shame.  I bought Kim Kardashian the perfume a while back because it smelled a lot like Michael Kors which I am allergic to sadly, and I never wear it because 1. I was always too embarrassed to utter "Kim Kardashian" when people asked me what perfume I was wearing and 2. It's junk and made me break out in a rash.  I saw it at Walgreens the other day and all I could do was shake my head at myself.  On a semi-related tangent, that girl will hawk anything for a dollar - I saw a picture of her at a toilet paper release party for Charmin the other day.  *Hangs head in shame*

The celebrity perfume trend is getting ridiculous, almost every big celebrity has one!  Have a little humility people!  It's different to have a celebrity endorse a perfume made by a respectable brand, of I'm not addressing Charlize Theron for Jadore for example - that's acceptable because Jadore is a great, high quality perfume that isn't cleverly named "Charlize Theron".  If you as a celebrity want to do a perfume that badly, keep it anonymous and put some earnest effort into it, so that it's not making people break out in rashes.  Administer some taste, because the LAST thing the world needs is another stinky cheap perfume with your name and image slapped on there.

Class not trash!


I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this.
[Heat by Beyonce]

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Over the years, there has been much disagreement between my friends and I regarding the book of grey-area rules that apply to the availability of dating friends' ex's.  What is considered an ex?  What are the guidelines?  Does a guy you/I dated for two months fall into the category of "untouchable" in the long run?  What about an ex significant other that I dated for years but ended on very amicable and non-romantic terms with?  Or the guy who winked at me in the bar last Saturday...could you date him instead?  Where does it begin and end, this is what I'd like to know, and WHY.  There are so many grey areas with this one...I think this may be the main reason why people shy away from the subject altogether, in fear of angering their friends.   

Some individuals are painfully sensitive about this and don't want their friends to date ANYONE they've been associated with, even with someone they went on just one or two dates with.  I happen to fall in the more liberal end of the spectrum with this one, as I feel most guys I've been associated with in the past are fair game for my friends, unless there was and continue to be significant emotional ties to that relationship.  I read a quote today that perfectly illustrates the way I feel about this:  "If you cry over a guy, then your friends CAN'T date him. It can't even be considered." 

I'm not saying any ex is fair game, and I definitely feel in many instances, it would be disrespectful to go for a friend's ex.  However, I do feel like some people go overboard with this and use it as a tool of manipulation to shelter their own ego, not because they have lingering feelings and emotions tied to the person at hand.  We've gotten to the point in this day and age where we all date multiple (double-digit) partners.  In addition, I believe a lot of the same opinions and feelings about relationships have lingered from years ago in our parents' era where people dated one or two partners in their lives, got married and lived happily ever after.  This is no longer the case, by any means.  It is quite common for people to date multiple partners in the process of finding a permanent mate, and I feel like it's unreasonable to stake claim on every single person you've dated in your entire life.  Shouldn't we all lighten up a bit?  There are definitely some untouchable people, say...the guy that broke my friend's heart, for example...that's an obvious one.  But what about the cutie that she met at a bar three years back, went on a few dates and never really developed with?  Is that fair game?

If there are no longer any heavy emotions involved, I think it's A-Ok to let a friend go ahead with a person you were once associated with.  I guess there will always be disagreement with any subject when there's a fine line to walk.  People will often see things slightly differently, and this makes all the difference in a situation like this when people's feelings are on the line.  I myself wonder why people can be so possessive over their ex's, especially my women friends.  It makes me think that it is an issue related to insecurity?  An ego issue?   I still am not really sure, and I'd like to hear some opinions on this from all you lovely individuals out there.  In any case, I think the key is communication.  Talk to your friend; try to understand where they are coming from and why.  And, if you still feel like they are being unreasonable, this is when you have to consider whether or not this is a battle worth picking.  Letting it go will salvage the friendship, however, this could support an unreasonable and continuing selfish attitude with this person.  Each situation is different, and the key is going to be communication between you and your dear friend.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, the traditional rules of relationships are often outdated and irrational in these modern times.  Lets all open ourselves up a bit to relationship rules.  Like my friend Beth says, "Every couple has the right to make their own rules."

Happy Holidays
Obviously, the groom is untouchable.   
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