Thursday, December 9, 2010

Somebody Has to Say It

If you're a celebrity and you're going to do a perfume, for god sake, please do me a favor and keep it anonymous.  Is is just me who feels this way, or are all celebrity perfumes tacky tacky tacky?  There is not one that I'd wear without shame.  I bought Kim Kardashian the perfume a while back because it smelled a lot like Michael Kors which I am allergic to sadly, and I never wear it because 1. I was always too embarrassed to utter "Kim Kardashian" when people asked me what perfume I was wearing and 2. It's junk and made me break out in a rash.  I saw it at Walgreens the other day and all I could do was shake my head at myself.  On a semi-related tangent, that girl will hawk anything for a dollar - I saw a picture of her at a toilet paper release party for Charmin the other day.  *Hangs head in shame*

The celebrity perfume trend is getting ridiculous, almost every big celebrity has one!  Have a little humility people!  It's different to have a celebrity endorse a perfume made by a respectable brand, of I'm not addressing Charlize Theron for Jadore for example - that's acceptable because Jadore is a great, high quality perfume that isn't cleverly named "Charlize Theron".  If you as a celebrity want to do a perfume that badly, keep it anonymous and put some earnest effort into it, so that it's not making people break out in rashes.  Administer some taste, because the LAST thing the world needs is another stinky cheap perfume with your name and image slapped on there.

Class not trash!


I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this.
[Heat by Beyonce]


  1. I agree. I always had to scoff when I walked past the Britney Spears perfumes, and especially Mariah Carey....they both scream "Trashy" to me and I would in no way want to wear a scent associated with a silly, past her prime (has been), want to be actress that happens to be a laughing stock

  2. I'm sure you know that Charlize Theron is from Benoni, SA just like me.. Stories to tell. Heila

  3. I don't wear any perfume now since it triggers bad migraines but I have for the past decade...All i can say is that I agree with you on this idea for keeping the big names on the DL when marketing perfumes. Just pick a nice name and let the consumer do their research (who it was made by) if they fall in love w/ ur perfume.
    And, Yeah Kim K & the other two sisters are the dumbest thing in celebrity history. I don't believe a word that comes out of their mouth...lolz

  4. I just left a comment on your comment on Shayne's blog.. with the K kardashian perfume.. I have a love hate relationship w/the kardashians.. but that perfume is such a waste! Smells exactly like gardenia bath and body works would make! I followed kim's blog when she was making the perfume and then finally smelling it.. that's it?! I would never buy it.. and yes she will hawk anything.. she had a huge deal w/her perfume at sephora, then broke their contract and they no longer carry it and it's sold every where now(especially places like my local target).

  5. I completely agree. Though on the flip side, I've heard P. Hilton makes a fab fragrance, shocking, I know.

    PS I love your blog. Keep up the fantastic work.

  6. A few years ago I wore Sunkissed Glow by J.Lo bc it smelled exactly what it was marketed to smell like: the beach. I have yet to wear another celebrity perfume.

    I also used to wear M Kors and am shocked that Kim's perfume smells like it. I must go to Walgreens and smell her perfume now.

  7. "I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this." I totally agree: please don't try that on. Beyonce on the other hand wears it beautifully.