Thursday, March 29, 2012

Penny Fur My Thoughts


It's a touchy subject.  And no, the recent Kim Kardashian flour-bombing incident is not what led me to write this post - I've felt this way about fur and have been meaning to put it down on screen for a while now.  This recent incident is just proof that the issue with K.K and fur is heating up, and I think it's about time.

I suspect that most people tend to/feel pressured to take one extreme side when it comes to wearing fur - either you're a heartless, evil member of the 1% who relishes in forcing everyone to visually absorb your wealth by smearing luxe animal fur all over your body - or you're a dirty wannabe-hippie who has nothing better to do than obsess over what other people are choosing to wear, and forcing your opinions on it down everyone's throats.

I, personally, am somewhere in the middle on this.  Yes, I do have some fur pieces.  All but one were given to me as gifts, so I somehow in my head rationalize that it's OK to wear them since I didn't actually contribute money to the industry, but we all know that's just a bunch of crap (LOL).  But you know what?  I'm not ashamed to admit that do enjoy wearing them every now and again, and as long as one is following the general rule of "everything in moderation", I think its more or less OK.  If you want to wear fur, as with most things in life - you need to practice some discretion, respect and tread lightly.

People feel out of touch with the issue of fur, since each of the two parties (for or against) are so difficult to relate to.  Most of us are not fur wearing multi-millionaires OR higher-than-thou modern day hipster hippies who sit around for hours coming up with the snarky commentary towards those who wear fur.  Do we have to be so extreme about it?

Perfect example of how NOT to wear fur.  Kim KarTrashian. Let's take a look:

3.06.12 (with $6000 Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, I might add)

(She doesn't look out of touch with her husband at ALL here  ;-P )

These are only a select few of the many pictures I've come across where Kim is wearing at least  SOME fur, however I wanted to select the pictures that really make my case (which were not hard to find).  

1.  Wearing head-to-toe fur ages you decades
2.  It makes a horrible statement
3.  It looks tacky 
4.  It adds pounds to one's frame and makes you look fat when you're wearing more than just a small fur piece.  It should only be 10% maximum of your entire look. 

Some fur accessories here and there I think are OK, but too much can be offensive.  Additionally - when you style an outfit and wear it, it makes a statement.  You speak with what you choose to wear, whether you like it or not.  This is why I believe the skill of being able to see oneself from another person's perspective is valuable.  If it's a matter of you not caring, then I guess there is no problem here.  However, don't be suprised if you get flour-bombed outside of Neiman Marcus on your next shopping trip.  I'd advise to take these points into consideration when deciding to wear outfits as the ones pictured above.  Kim comes across as a greedy, vile little pig by wearing so much fur all the time.  It's offensive to me and many others - and only adds to the laundry list of reasons why I don't like her and everything she stands for.

To sum up, here are I think two good general rules of thumb: 

1. Everything in moderation
2. When in doubt, do the opposite of what Kim Karsdashian is doing, and you should be good.  :-)