Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Online Shopping Triumph

I thought I'd share this little online feat that makes me excited, and is a great example of the product of following the book of rules - my previous post "Online Shopping Bible".  It's the little things!  This bag:

Was being sold at Bloomies for $499.  I did a little online research and found it for $170 on luggagepros.com .  I love it, it's by Delsey and it is white white white, my favorite color...and I love how it's faceted like a gem.  It has a TSA lock on it as well as a 10 year warranty.  Pretty good considering I could have paid $330 more for it!  It's really durable too...just like a Tumi.  For all those non-online shopping believers...BELIEVE.  Perhaps I should start up a little biz on the side where you tell me what you want and I'll find it online for you for a small fee.  For all those too lazy or busy to go out and hunt for that blouse they loved and tried on in the store but was one size too small.  I can work miracles online...my best friend even says it's "my specialty", lol.

Can't wait to use my new rollie toy at the Beverly Wilshire when I go to LA for Disneyland!  

Enjoi...thought I'd share my new favorite luggage website with you all.



  1. Love your blog but I wish you'd post more often...

  2. Love your blog as well but Disneyland is in Anaheim which is OC, not LA :)