Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Men think about the way things are, women think about the way things could be".

Men think about things the way they are, and women think about things in terms of the way they could be.  I'm not sure when and where I came across that statement, but it definitely has resonated and stuck with me over the years.  It's true.

I think about things too much sometimes.

Maybe if I (we) stopped thinking about the way things could or "should" be and actually enjoyed and appreciated what we have right now, it would allow things to happen and progress on their own momentum and we would end with what we wanted the entire time, maybe even a better outcome than what we thought we wanted. I am a culprit of worrying and stressing over how things are going to turn out.  Often times I think this actually hinders the natural progression of things and in turn actually works in the exact opposite way I'd like it to, similar to jealousy.  Jealousy has the exact opposite effect you'd like it to have.  Don't let what could be distract you from the reality of what is, as whats happening is only going to happen once, and you just might miss it while its here.  You can't control everything, and sometimes its easy to forget that.  You have to practice when to step back and let life take you there.  The act of obsessing over what you want and why it's not a certain way can skew your grasp on reality, and before you know it you've become lost in your own head.

Take it from a self-proclaimed worry wort: it's NOT worth it!  Overall, it just makes things worse, and it also turns men away...something else to consider.

Enjoy your weekend, ladies.

Don't worry, be happy.
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  1. Don't think about the past and don't worry about the future...concentrate on the now! The NOW is what it's all about - my aunt. Words I live by.