Sunday, March 13, 2011

Worth its Weight in Gold, but Nowhere Near as Costly

A couple posts back, I asked for your advice on a great moisturizer without a sunscreen.  Ever since I've begun using Retin A, my usual go-to moisturizer for 15 years, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion was just not enough to combat all the dryness associated with Retin A.  Retin A is an incredibly effective skin treatment that is the only scientifically proven product to make a measurable improvement in wrinkles, discoloration, blotchyness, acne and generally all skin issues across the board.  However, it does make your skin very susceptible to sun damage, and I've experienced increased dryness as well.  That is why it is imperative to wear a sunscreen with a physical sunblock every day, and also to use an effective moisturizer as well.

Well, ladies (and gentelmen!)...I've found a great one and would like to share it with you all!  Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream.  I have combination skin that is more on the dry side now.  This cream is by far the best one that I've come across in my journey.  What stands out to me the most is that it is instantly softening, as soon as you smooth it on.  It is fragrance free, and is not greasy, but provides serious moisturizing strength.  It doesn't leave my skin oily, waxy, or greasy and preps my skin perfectly for make up application.  I know we all have different skin types and this one might not be for you, but if you are looking for a new everyday moisturizer I recommend trying it.  And, it's reasonably priced as well at $46 for 4.2 oz - which is cheap compared to some of the other moisturizers on the market I was considering switching to.  Yes, there are lots of AMAZING moisturizers that feel divine on my face, but I just can't and I refuse to commit to paying $85 for one or two measly ounces of face cream - I'll go through it in less than a month!!!!  One day when I'm loaded, maybe, but for now this cream is marvelous and priced perfectly for the average money saving girl.

One last thing - Keihls makes a similar product called Ultra Facial Lotion, which is slightly lighter, and they also make a "Panthenol Protien Moisturizing Face Cream" which is slightly heavier.  Both of which are also just as lovely, depending on your skin type.  For men too!

Vieve's Verdict: A+

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