Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Someone Had to Say It

Any handbag with an all-over designer print logo is not ok.  

Sorry ladies.  Let it go.  It had its time.  They should be paying you for ad space!

Hell no.
[Fendi Zucca (more like yuckka) tote]

Something like this Marc Jacobs is much more tasteful, more attractive, less expensive (than the heinous bag above), and is not screaming "LOOK EVERYONE! I BOUGHT A DESIGNER BAG AND IT COST A LOT OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!"  You want a bag that whispers, not screams.
[Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo]

Better yet, if you want a nice bag but are strapped for cash, look into Longchamp bags.  They are very reasonably priced (around $125-$200), they come in a ton of different colors, they are super durable, tasteful and great for everyday use.  But please just say no to the tacky all over print.  It can't be worn with class.

[Longchamp Small Foldable Tote/Basic]


  1. True story. My mom used to always say this to me when I was running around with Guess plastered across my body in high school. Tacky! I suppose moms are always right. Just saw in a tabloid magazine that Holly Madison is having her playboy bunny laser removed from the small of her back as she put it, "the ad space is no longer being paid for".

  2. I completely understand your point of view and I agree with you but I'm not going to just rid of those "tacky" logo plastered bags as I worked very hard to pay for them. In all honestly, be yourself and buy what you like.

  3. LOVE this post, and I couldn't agree more. I only have 2 expensive, top-notch purses and they are subtle and beautiful and certainly wouldn't be carried by a 16 year old looking for a brand-recognition moment. That Marc purse is gorgeous, and right up my alley, taste-wise. This has become my go-to daily blog! YAY for a fashion blog with humor and zest. I'm bookmarking!

  4. To anonymous:

    Yea, believe me I understand. I know they were expensive and I totally agree with not wanting to throw them out. Believe it or not, I was a culprit of this too back in the day when the designer logo trend was big in highschool and what not. I've since consigned those bags and used that money for other stuff.

    What I was trying to communicate is, for the future, no more!

    "Be yourself and buy what you like" - Cant agree more!


  5. Totally agree with this post. Marc has become one of my favs! Also, just wanted to say that I love your site! I'm not sure why people like to post mean things to you, but I find your site very fun to read with some great info! :-)

  6. Sorry Erica, I accidentally deleted your comment when I meant to approve it.

    I agree with you - the LV Damier is the one exception that is OK in my book. The checkered print is nice and not tacky. :-)