Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For Once, the Hype is True

This post is for women and men.  Men, don't leave the page just jet!

Alright alright, I know I've already mentioned it on my blog a few times already, but I have to dedicate a post to it.  Retin A.

Whether you're a man or a woman, young or older, have acne-prone skin, aging skin or dry skin, Retin A can most likely help your situation.  I've been doing a lot of research on this product lately and have personally begun using it about two months ago.  I never really had any skin problems all throughout my life.  Combination skin with freckles, a blemish here and there, but nothing of any real annoyance or concern.  People told me all the time I had beautiful skin.  Then,  I became all to0 familiar with the world of adult onset acne.  Yay.  (Sense the sarcasm).  Not only that, but I felt my skin texture change, fine lines starting to form and a general "tired" look to my skin.  The joy of getting older!  (Yes - I'm still young, but it's beginning.)

I decided to get on Retin A after trying a product that contained Retinol (which is similar to Retin A - but less potent and intense and is available without a prescription) and seeing slight results that I liked but that were not really significant enough.  A few people kept telling me "you should try Retin A", but I was hesitant because I felt like it was too early or too intense for me.  I wish I had gotten on it sooner!  I have seen a marked improvement in many different areas of my variety of skin issues.  In addition, almost all the research I've done on the product and all the articles I've read are positive and proclaim that Retin A is the only product clinically proven to make a measurable difference.  Retin A is very commonly misunderstood, which is why I think it is not more widely used.  

The thing about Retin A is, you have to get over the hump.  The first month to six months (depending on your skin) are going to be tough, with increased sensitivity, dryness and irritation.   However, once this subsides (and it will) you will see why this product has devoted users of over 20 years.  I really feel that every woman (and man) should be on this product - even if you're still young.  You should be starting early now so you can preserve that youthful glow that you won't have forever.  If you begin Retin A, you should understand that you will probably be using it for the rest of your life if you want the best results, and I don't see why you wouldn't.  There's also options on which one to take - generic, name brand, ect. and your derm will help you decide which one suits your needs the best.

I can't write a tidbit about Retin A without mentioning how imperative it is to wear a sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher while you're using it.  Your doctor will tell you this, but please don't take it with a grain of salt!  You should be wearing an SPF daily anyways - Retin A or not.  However, you will develop discoloration and other damage if you dabble with Retin A and not sunblock.  

So ladies, do yourself a favor and talk to your doctor about Retin A - you won't regret it!  In many instances, your insurance may even cover it if you're under 30 as an "acne treatment".  So make sure to inquire about that.  I have pasted links to a few articles for you to read if you don't take my word for it!  And as always, make sure maintain a lifestyle of eating right  with plenty of brightly colored vegetables, a food based multivitamin, fish oil and any other supplements you might need, drink enough water and avoid contaminants such as cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, junk food and preservatives to boost not only your physical appearance but your overall being as well.  Retin A wont do it all alone!


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Back to beautiful thanks in part to Retin A
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  1. I agree, I've had adult acne forever it seems like and since I've been using retinol it def has controlled it better. I'm only using .5% due to irritation and skin sensitivity, but so far no complaints. Another thing to include would be using a gentle face wash since retinol is very over drying. Good post!

  2. what brand of fish oil do you use? i'm from LR, i like your blog! you are a good writer and really pretty.

  3. I use Spectrum Essentials fish oil. I think it's a combination of all 3 omegas. I got it at Whole Foods. I believe it has helped me retain that "glow" in addition to helping with the dryness from the Retin A. I have noticed a difference.

    Thank you for your compliment!

  4. Love it. Retin-A is magic. And glad to see you're taking your fish oil!

  5. Great post as usual. Thanks for guiding me towards using Retin A, I have pretty good skin, nothing to complain about, but now I will deff talk to my doctor about getting a Rx.

    Do you not tan your face at all? Just curious because with summer just around the corner, I'm hesitant to start Retin A. Thoughts?

  6. To anonymous above:

    First off, thank you for your compliment!

    Secondly, HECK NO, I don't tan my face and I haven't for as long as I remember. I've always worn sunscreen on my face, hats, huge sunglasses, avoided the sun hitting my face like a vampire, ect since I was about 14. I tan my body, however. It can be a challenge to match your face to your body but after years of experience I've gotten it pretty close. I get spray tans which tan my body and my face, then on top of that my makeup + bronzer make up the difference in color. I use a light coating of bronzer all over my face and neck (I don't tan my neck, either). I know I know, bronzer is "supposed" to be for just "highlighting", but I use a light coating as my all over powder and it looks great. You have to be really good about blending it and finding the exact right shade for you or else it's going to look fake and orange. I HIGHLY recommend Hoola bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics - I've been stuck on it for years. No other bronzer looks as natural.

    Please, PLEASE stop tanning your face!!! You will regret it, big time. A girl I know has been tanning her face (sun and tanning bed) for years, and she has these crazy deep wrinkles that look freakish on her cause she's only in her mid 20's, yet the wrinkles look that of 50+.

  7. Thanks V for the advice. I'm naturally pretty tan so I do love getting a little extra color from the sun in summer but I will take you advice and stick to Hoola (also a fave of mine).

    You should do a post on tanning! Slash sunless tanning! I would deff read it but honestly, I read all your posts. You're so fab and you write so eloquently, especially for a blogger!, how could I not follow VV?!