Friday, March 4, 2011

Vieve's Verdict: A+

Some time back, I created a post summarizing my notable face primers.  There was one in particular - Mac Prep and Prime Face Protect SPF 50 - that I listed but had not yet tried out yet, and I promised I'd update once I did.

I have had a chance to try this one out, and I wanted to make a post to proclaim to the world that this is a great product, and will definitely be the primer I am sticking to!  I can't tell you how happy I am to finally find a sunblock that I can wear on a daily basis.  Every other sunscreen I've tried has been a disaster - leaving my face feeling waxy, oily, sticky, making me break out, making it impossible to put makeup on top of it.  This product both protects my skin with a comfortably high SPF of 50 while simultaneously anchoring my makeup and providing a smooth, flawless canvas to give me the look I want all day long.  In addition, it contains a physical sunblock as well, which is another perk.

I highly recommended this!  Vieve's Verdict: A+


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