Monday, March 7, 2011

Black Cherry Baby

Here's an image of my new new red hair as one or two of you asked for.  It kind of looks different in the two pictures due to my cameraphone, and the lighting.  I decided I wanted a more dark dark black cherry color.  I think this is the final color I'll be sticking to for a while...I personally love it.  I didn't want something too Jessica Rabbit (I do have a day job, after all) but I wanted it to be bold and striking, still.  This dark black cherry color hit the mark for me.  This is the first time I'm straying from my usual golden almond blonde in 15 years!  Sometimes you gotta just mix it up.   However, it is definitely interesting and funny - the shift in looks, vibe, ect. I have received since going red.  The type of people who notice you, ect.  Always fun to change it up a bit and be a slightly different person for a while.

I used an Alfaparf color (shout out to Jilly-poo who made it happen!) which has left my hair feeling incredibly soft and silky - like a deep conditioning treatment.  I recommend this brand of color for those looking to dye their hair.  Also, all their colors are incredibly vibrant and end up looking really healthy as well.

Hopefully you guys will be nicer than the last red hair post.  Jeesh guys, tell me how you really feel. Lol.



  1. MUCH BETTER then before! Rich chocolate cherry is a beautiful colour & it suits you! The other one was bland boring BLAH, it looked faded and moucy. I say that because I'm a colour tech and I'd like to think i know my shit. Colour is my world, my passion. Don't forget to shampoo/condnt with salon, colour safe products to maintain/preserve the colour (yes colour). Well done V :)

  2. Thanks guys. I love it. Been getting great feedback so far. I can't tell you how soft and shiny my hair is after treating it with's THE BEST color. Like a deep deep conditioning treatment!