Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Monday

 Hi Everyone,

Not that you're on the edge of your seat or anything, but this week will probably be busy for me, but I'll try and get a post up as soon as possible.  

Remember, life is a red carpet!


Ps, here are some pictures of my friends and I at the Balenciaga and Spain exhibit opening party at the De Young museum in San Francisco.   If you're in the Bay Area, check out the exhibit!  I recommend it.

[Halston Heritage stretch satin-jersey gown, Denise James earrings & bracelet]


  1. $445 for a satin-jersey dress? Not worth it, better off sticking with F21

  2. that's a BAD coif you got going on, it's so unflattering. AND you're ORANGE...... gross!

  3. Where are your boobs?

  4. Some food for thought:

  5. Damn! It looks like a couple of people really are on the edge of their seats just waiting to spew their vomit in the form of blog comments (note that someone did research on your dress, definitely some jealousy). Vieve, I always enjoy reading your new posts and I hope you return soon.
    Btw, you look glamorous, radiant and sooo beautiful!

  6. Hey V. I normally post as anonymous, I was the one who wrote regarding your Retin A post and facial tanning... Anyways, I was SHOCKED to see the catty comments.

    I expected nothing but compliments in your comment section cause frankly girl you look AMAZING! Love the dress, love your look, and haters are jealous cause your bod is killer!

  7. GENE: yes you may have a "killer" bod (with 0 boobs) but look in the mirror sweerheart; you are 'snooki' orange. lay off thespray tan. And that hair do; it's sooo 2005. Nice dress though. Oh yeah? K, I am SOOOO jealous.

    get over it ;)

  8. Your content is decent, but I wonder why you include a picture of yourself with every post. They're not necessary and don't add to the post, really. The article about flakes is a good example. Tone it down with the pictures, and keep the quality writing up, and you might incur less wrath from the Anons.

  9. people are amazing these days! Not jealous then why do you come here and bash? To hate? To speak your opinion? Why don't you go read a blog you like instead? The "with 0 boobs" comment- who are you, Nik Richie? Would you rather every girl look the same and get implants? Some of these girls are hating so much they must be extreme fashionistas that should go start their own blogs if they're so much better ;)

    Anyways, love your look because you are you, and love your blog! If it was the same thing over and over, and/or no personal pix, it would get boring!

  10. Vieve,

    This is my first time commenting. I enjoy reading your blog, and I check out the comments too. I usually just blow off all of the bashers, but this time I guess all of the negative comments have just struck a cord in me that I feel I need to put my two cents in.

    First off, the dress in the photos is beautiful, and looks great on you. You always look classy and well put together. Although I dress a lot more casual, I appreciate your personal style and you rock it.

    To the anonymous commenter that insulted the size of her breasts. This is what a LADY that is fit and petite looks like. This is what a classy lady looks like. I'm saying this because you probably found Vieve's blog through a self proclaimed "classy" lady that now looks more like porn star with her massive implants. That's NOT classy!!

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, Vieve, that there are readers out here that love your blog, with pics, and we support you. We are not always heard but know we're out there. Keep up the good work. :)


  11. Karey, that made my week. Thank you for your eloquent and sweet words!

  12. The comments are so ridiculous. You may not like her hair color, her writing, her opinions or her make up but really her small breasts? Grow the fuck up. The size of a womans breasts are not something she really has control over unless she ops for plastic surgery.

    Vieve, that dress looks amazing on you. If it looked that good on me I would pay twice as much.

    Haters are lame

  13. Hey Vive, I was just wondering what you do for a living? I'm not asking in a snarky way at all, But anyone who can afford Halston must be making some money, so I wanted to know what your job is!

  14. Hi Anon,

    Well, first off: let me point out that the dress is by Halston Heritage, not Halston. The Heritage line is still pricey but nowhere near the couture line. Secondly, I have two jobs, both in hospitality in San Francisco. I spend way more money on clothes and accessories than I should. :-)

  15. Ha! Don't we all! Thanks for answering though. I wish you would do a blog about your job sometime. I really enjoy hearing about what the fashion obbsessed people who's blogs I read do for a living.
    I very much enjoy your blog and the fact that you answer comments. I found it throught the Lamas-Richie blog which has become very tiresome. At first I loved it, I like Shayne's style and looking at photos of her. That said, I've never considered her classy, fun, but not classy. And listening to a woman with fake tits and a coke problem who is married to the most class-less man on the planet lecture about class just became too much for me!
    I'll stick with reading blogs by people who live in the real world! XOXO