Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Texting Lifestyle

I'm a texting machine.  All day long, typing away on my Iphone.  It pisses my mother off, my friends, of course it can get me into trouble at work - yet somehow I put up with all the consequences and continue to uphold my texting lifestyle.  Text messaging used to be easier when I had a Blackberry Bold which had a full physical keyboard, and after switching to the Iphone (a gadget I find to be more superior and advanced, by the way) I had to adjust a bit, but after some practice I'm back to my 75 WPM average typing away, texting all my friends furiously, all day long.

I've slowly started to realize that texting has replaced talking on the phone in my world, and talking on the phone has replaced real-life interaction.  What is happening!  This is a trend I've got to put a stop to!  So often I send a text rather than picking up the phone and calling someone.  Talking on the phone more often than not is awkward, obnoxious and too invasive.  Do you agree?  Have I/we become so detached from real, human to human interaction that now even talking through a machine to another person has become just too much?  Most of the time when my phone rings, and I see the name or number pop up on my iPhone (with the exception of very few people), my stomach drops a little bit and I go through the oh so common debate in my head, "Should I answer?  Uggh..." - and this is for people that I like and get along with!  Yet, I'm tempted to send a text right after they call saying "What's up?".  It's sounding pretty pathetic to me as I type this out.  I would rather type on a keyboard to get my message out than using my voice.  Sad?  Or efficient?  A little bit of both, I think.  This is part of the reason I assigned myself one of my new year's resolutions which is to speak to and interact with my friends more, either in person or over the phone, rather than email or text message.  Oh yea....that was a resolution...better get on that!

Well on that note, I wanted to share this article about cell phone radiation and the potential harm it's causing you.  More reason to text in my book!  (Haha - just kidding.  I realize my texting has gotten out of control.)


And, here is another interesting article about the ever so present growing opposition to speaking on the phone that Americans have acquired in recent times.  While this article seems to be putting a positive spin and even commends the fact that nobody wants to talk on the phone anymore, I am leaning more towards the notion that instead of further isolating ourselves and embracing the dislike for telephone conversations, we should all try to be a little bit more social, and call each other more often.  It can become a slippery slope.  Do you agree?



Can't seem to put the thing down
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  1. is that a cinnamon bun on top of your head?

  2. I agree. 75 WPM on an iPhone is out of hand. I think you should try to do things in person more. I am going to start just sending texts asking what time and where I am meeting people.

  3. Another interesting tangent to this post is sexting replacing phone sex. While phone sex can be ridiculously hot, it is often extremely awkward. Sexting has some major advantages over phone sex, including getting rid of some of the awkwardness and the ability to do it virtually anywhere.

    However, sexting does potentially have some dangerous consequences. It seems the leaking of sexts online is pretty common. Or someone going through your phone and seeing things they shouldn't see...

    Vieve's Verdict: phone sex or sext message?

  4. Hmmm, that comment probably won't get approved will it? Oh well, text me!

  5. Lol that's cute - cinnamon bun. It does resemble a cinnamon bun!

    Noah - I approve all commentary! And, you do have a good point about sexting vs phone sex. I've never had phone sex, and always felt like I wouldn't be able to hack it - I'd be so awkward and not sexy. Lmao. What are you supposed to say? So weird.

  6. I think texting and emailing should be confined to the passing back and forth of information. Anything that has any emotion behind it should be addressed in person or at the very least, over the phone. I support your New Year's Resolution Vieve and can say that I am often tempted to rip that damn iPhone right out of your hand! LOL