Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Delicacy

Any and everything left in this world that is formal, regal, opulent whilst being traditional seems to be headed out these days, being replaced with informality, commonality, bad manners, jeans and sneakers.  While modern ways and current societal norms have many benefits and luxuries that never existed in previous history that we all (myself included) enjoy today - I, for one, appreciate Royal Weddings and all the tradition, luxury, and sense of true monarchical formality that comes with it all.   In a world of faux, a Royal Wedding is one of the last real ceremonies of tradition that continues to be carried out.  

There is something about a Royal Wedding (not just British, but all monarchies) that symbolizes and anchors onto the history of the human race that I value.  I appreciate it when men stand up at a dinner table when a Lady excuses herself to go to the bathroom.  Door opening, men's formal wear, polite language -- it's all headed out nowadays.  Yes, I do appreciate the benefits of modern ways and society such as equal rights, open-mindedness, and such -- but at the same time, some of the more valuable and elegant ways of tradition are withering away and being forgotten, and a Royal ceremony brings to life some of these dismissed treasures of the past.  If anything, I can really appreciate the history behind it all, not just the demonstration.

While there have been numerous Royal unions that have failed, and people love to cite failed marriages in their tirades against a "fake" Royal Wedding, keep in mind that failure is a quite regular occurrence in many - even most - weddings in general.  Many, many weddings fail.  Are all marriages fake? I think most of the time, people go into marriages with good intentions and often times some wishful thinking, but it's not my belief that the Royals are putting on a charade, and I admittedly enjoy relishing in this marvelous celebration that occurs about once every thirty years.  It's a pleasant break in our everyday ways and happenings, and it is a peak into a time when things were a little more purposeful, a bit more formal, and a bit more romantic as well.  A time that my generation has not been fortunate enough to experience, sadly.  In a way, for me, the Royal Wedding is a symbol of our attempted grasp on the continuing tradition of marriage, which many people seem to have lost faith in. 

Obviously, it's a complete girly girl's fantasy party to the fullest, something I admit to becoming excited about.  I've been speaking in a British accent all morning and I chose to wear my white lace top and all my fanciest jewelry to work today in celebration.  In a world of disposable everything, it's nice to see a grandiose tradition being carried out exactly the way it has been for centuries.

Lastly, I'd like to mention how Kate Middleton's dress is simply exquisite, and a wonderful example of a grandiose fashionable display while also being sophisticated, feminine, delicate and a tasteful selection for the modern woman.  A refreshing change from Princess Diana's extravagant (and that's an understatement) gown in 1981.  Additionally, I just *love* the way her veil (created by the Royal School of Needlework) was beaded at the edges which gave it some weight that caused it to hang magnificently over and across her face.  Just beautiful, A+ from me.

Don't be afraid to relish in this ceremony.


 Chivalry isn't dead, yet.

 Kate's after-wedding Alexander McQueen gown

Simply Stunning

Kate Middlelton in Alexander McQueen, compared to Grace Kelly's gown in 1956.  Both exquisite





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