Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's the Little Things

Hello to all of my lovely people that I have been neglecting...I am so so sorry!  Life has been busy packed lately, but it's looking like this week will be comfortably slow for me and I have all kinds of ideas in mind for new and thought-provoking posts.

Random tidbit I'd like to share with all my readers:

I've never been able to spend more than $8 on drugstore face wash.  It's one of those products that I don't seen any reason to splurge in - it sits on your skin for 30 seconds and then down the drain.  I am not spending $45 on some Shiseido fancy soap that's going to work about the same as my go to drugstore product.  You have to know when to splurge and when to realize you're being ripped off...the old splurge vs. save dilemma. It's not like facewash is leaching expensive professional haircolor like a cheap shampoo will, and as long as I'm using  something basic that I won't break out from and something that'll remove my makeup, I'm happy.  I've been using Johnson & Johnson "Purpose" face wash for years now and I love it.

It's the most gentle on the market and it's pretty inexpensive as well, however the other day I was randomly in the baby aisle and I noticed this product:

Low and behold, the ingredients are near-identical to that of my cherished Purpose wash, it smells and feels the same on my skin, and it's half the price for over twice the amount.  Score!!!!  I recommend this for anyone looking for a basic face wash that effectively removes makeup and does not cause breakouts or irritation.  Clean skin is imperative for healthy skin, and don't ever go to bed without washing your face first - this is one of the most undeniably important steps to glowing skin.  

It's the little things, guys.



  1. Interesting cause I currently use purpose! The "body wash" throws me off a bit but I'll trust you as always!

  2. It says "baby wash", not body wash