Friday, September 10, 2010

Dealing with Unwanted Advances

(Girls getting ready to fend off the boys) 
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Almost every woman alive has been challenged with how to deal with men's unwanted advances at least at one point throughout their existences.  It's how we deal with these type of situations that separates a girl from a Lady.

I can empathize with the frustration and inconvenience of dealing with these advances and being flirted with when you're just not in the mood.  However, it comes with being a woman and it is important to handle these kinds of situations with class and maturity, as we never, ever want to be classified as an embittered shrew - which is exactly how you come across when you're rude to a man who is giving you unwanted advances.  Remember, it's a nice problem to have.  Always.  Unless a gentleman is being physically threatening, there is usually never a need to become rude or angry.  

It is a tough one, because it's tempting to just snap at them and tell them to "leave me the *$*% alone!"  However, there will come a day when we as women will no longer be dealing with being hit on like we used to, so even when I get very irritated by it, a part of me is always appreciative of it-even in the most awkward moments.

I was out with a friend last week who I felt was being too rude to the men who repeatedly kept interrupting our conversation.  She felt like I was being a pushover, I felt like she was being a bitch.  I also think that our own two personal definitions of "bitch" and "pushover" are very different.  Nevertheless, it reminded me of how important it is to always carry yourself with class.  In my book, it takes effort to be rude - so unless someone is truly pissing you off, why go out of your way to be less than pleasant?

The best way to handle this is in the same fashion as dealing with a man in any situation - social or professional:  be friendly, polite yet firm, and don't take any shit.  Being rude without cause will only make you look silly and childish, however being a pushover and not standing up for yourself is not something you should have to do either.  It's a fine line to walk - but each Lady can find her balance when dealing with it...and will come out as a shining star, not a c u next Tuesday.  

Remember:  a go-getter man is upheld as successful, while a go-getter woman is classified as a "bitch".  Remember to play the game accordingly no matter how much you disagree with the rules, and you'll always come out on top.

xoxo, Viva