Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

 Bcbg dress, Burberry watch, Dior earrings

1. Shopping without cause
2. Ice Cream
3. E! Entertainment Television (it's like empty calories)
4. Going to Las Vegas (but so worth the money and hangover)
5. Champagne
6. Checking Facebook 20+ times a day
7. My Iphone (although very useful as well)
10. Driving everywhere I go
11.  Eating out
12. Wearing flats when my feet hurt

Now that I've admitted to some of my guilty pleasures, what are some pleasures in life that we are not guilty over?  Let me see how many I can come up with.

1.Sleeping in
2. Adequately moisturizing my skin, no matter the cost
3. Eating out
4. Making out
5. Socializing
6. Blogging! (writing)
7. Long conversations with my friends on Gchat 
8. Buying airline tickets with Southwest (the credits are always good!)
9. Sky-high heels (I swear, they're not THAT uncomfortable girls)
10. Spray tans
11. Parking in yellow zones while waiting in the car and then skirting off when DPT comes so they cannot see my VIN and give me a ticket
12.  Asking the Peet's barista for a pump of chocolate syrup after I've paid my almost $4 fee so that they won't charge me an additional 35cents
13. Driving in the bus lane (although watch out for cops!)
14.  Talking to my mom on the phone (something good always comes out of it)
15. Returning items I've changed my mind on (store credit, bitches!)
16. Sending food back (if you don't like it, it's worth sending back.  Just do it politely and respectfully, and remember to tip for that dish as well)
17. Frozen yogurt (not as good as ice cream, but at least I can rationalize it, kind of)
18. Using physical force to push through the crowd at the club I work at when people just wont move (I can only yell so loud)
20.  Using my employer-provided health insurance to the absolute maximum, for every tiny ailment

And the list can go on!  What are some of your guilty/not guilty pleasures?

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