Saturday, September 4, 2010

High and Low

Girls, we've all been there.  You're sitting there, minding your own business.  Then comes Miss Thing, walking by with her new YSL satchel, Louboutin Flannel Over-The-Knee Boots, Chloe sunglasses, Vince sheer cotton top and just to top it off she has that gold Michael Kors watch you've been estalking for the past month.  "How the *&@# can that *#*@! afford all that shit!!??"  And just like that, your iced soy latte experience has been ruined.

We call her the have-it-all.  However, lets be real ladies: most of us cant have it all!  I see those girls decked out head to toe in Couture and I too develop a mini-fit of rage.  And then, I realize that what is going on is almost comedic.  It is just not realistic to have every piece of your wardrobe be couture.  Unless you come from royalty, are well-founded in your career and have achieved a high level of success, have crazy family money or its all "coming from your man" (and I DON'T suggest the latter, ladies), you are just like me...estalking the things you wish you could afford online.

But, a ray of shining light in this depressing plight of ours.  Let's channel this negative energy into productivity and I'll introduce you to my method of dealing with this.  It's ALL about the high and low.  Every woman needs to find her staple pieces.  Usually there are three to five, depending on how high maintenance your girl is.  For me, its five: handbag, sunglasses, wallet, ring, makeup. (Ok, I'm fibbing, there are definitely a few more for me, but for efficiency's sake, we'll keep it at a minimum.)  You would think shoes would be in there, but I'll let you in on my shoe secret later in this post.  It is essential (in my opinion, of course) that those 5 pieces are items that should not be skimped on.  No matter how long it may take you to save up to splurge on these items, do it.  It may take you two years to save up for that Louis Vuitton handbag, but I will tell you from personal experience: the feeling you will have when you buy that bag is unlike any other feeling in the world.  I know it may sound materialistic, but for the obsessed fashionista like me, its the truth.  The feeling that designer Couture brings is unparalleled.

The handbag is the head of the essentials group, the most important item to splurge on.  You will not regret that purchase. I always have my Tiffany & Co ring on.  It's shaped like an "O", and I still love it every time I look down at it.  Big, beautiful designer sunglasses are also an essential for me.  They are clutch when you want to hide behind them a little bit, and everyone can see how fabulous they are all the time since they are so exposed - so make sure to pick a pair that shines.  The wallet also makes the High item cut simply because it makes an appearance often throughout every day.  You'll get excited every time you see it - and every time the cashier or person in line behind you compliments you on it.  And lastly, your face.  Your face is the most important part of your look, so make sure you are decorating it properly with quality makeup, which I am displaying in the picture below here. There's nothing worse than cakeface or black inner eye crust.  And don't forget the sunscreen, matter your skin tone.

Other than your 5 personal essentials, you are free to go buck wild with the Low items.  I personally am a HUGE fan of Forever21 for this.  I know a lot of girls hate going in there, but you'd be shocked to see the potential of what their pieces can be turned into.  Just take a look at my Facebook pictures, for instance.  Half of those clothes come from F21.  More favorites of mine include American Apparel, Bebe, Aldo (shoe secret!) and Urban Outfitters.  The moral of the story here: it is definitely OK to mix high end designer items with a crap Hanes tshirt if that tshirt happens to fit well.

We can't afford it all.  But, with some creativity and go-ahead, you can have that five-star look for much less than Miss Thing paid. Another thing to remember is that the base of good fashion isn't about cash.  Take Britney for example.  She's loaded, yet somehow just canNOT get her look together.
After all, a look comes together with know-how, not money.

See you at F21! xo, Viva

Nadri earrings, Haute Hippie blouse, MAC lipstick

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  1. could you please post a photo of your wallet? i am DYING to see it.