Monday, September 13, 2010

B**ch Fighting in the Bar

This post is inspired by an article on sfgate emailed to be about a vicious chick fight breaking out on Chestnut Street outside of a bar this past weekend after two girls bumped into each other.

Lady Law: Unless someone attacks you and you are defending yourself, there is never reason to be chick fighting in a bar.  And even then, I'd still say it's best to try and get yourself out of the situation, rather than physically fighting back.  Can you ever imagine yourself looking back on it and saying "I'm so happy over how I fought that girl.  That was a good decision."  Even if you win the fight - you might feel proud, and congratulations, now you likely will have a court date as well.

Think about it: do you really want a scar left behind by some chick's fake acrylic nail on your cheekbone?  Not cute.

Obviously it's for attention rather than resolution, but there are definitely better ways of getting attention.  Like, wowing them with your amazing outlook on life.  Or your charm.  Or your intelligence.  Or, making out with the chick next to you.  Just kidding on the last one. ;-)

And of course, some men tend to root this kind of behavior on (like they do girl on girl action), but do we really want to take advice from the same idiots who punch walls and break their hands when they're frustrated? (Reminiscing back to Scott Disick punching that mirror on KKTM - moron)

But in a seriousness, this relates back to my post "Men Age Gracefully, Women Just Age".  There are certain things women shouldn't contribute to, and throwing punches at another woman is definitely one of them.  Lets leave the fighting, and the arresting to the men.  Meanwhile we'll be at the bar, toasting to life while witnessing the idiocy unfold.


xo, Viva

(Play-fighting for the camera)

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