Saturday, September 18, 2010

To Be Late is to be Unmindful

(The punctual sisters-we get it from our on-time stickler dad)
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Running late is one of the top things in life that I can say I am not regularly guilty of.  I personally can not handle it- there is no such thing for me as being late while also being relaxed.  If I am late, for anything, I am a wreck and often my entire day is ruined.

I've come to find that for a lot of people, running late exhibits to those waiting on you that you do not value other people's time (whether you really do or not), and portrays you in a childlike manner.  I have to agree.  This goes for both business and social events-if you commit to being on time to anything, stick to your guns.   There is no "trick" to being punctual - just be realistic about your timing, buckle down and cut the nonsense.  How many successful people do you know who are always late?  The count is low, and I guarantee you that the few existing successful people who are habitually late developed that habit once they reached success, not while earning success.

Always be on time to any event you commit to because when you're late, you might as well be saying "I think I am more important than you".  And, I'm sure that is not how you really feel or what you actually mean, so it's important to make sure you are representing yourself in a manner in which you feel confident standing behind.  In true slippery slope form, chronically late people also tend to adhere to  a "late lifestyle" - which has its obvious downfalls.  In addition, you want to showcase yourself in the best light possible...not to mention, display respect for those waiting on your lovely company.

xo, Viva

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  1. Amen sista! Being chronically late is def a sign of selfishness