Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Because we Could All Use Some Help

Ladies: anyone who needs a little help with undereye circles or other imperfections that concealer just doesn't seem to cut it with - please try this product by Benefit.  As a cosmetics company overall, I don't think that one could use only Benefit products on a daily basis, but they do have these random superstar products that I've found over the years and can't live without.  Similar to how one couldn't shop at just Trader Joes only for their grocery needs- but they sure do have some products that I absolutely LOVE and can't go without!  An example of this is Benefit's "Hoola" bronzer I've been using since I was 15 years old.  Over 10 years - WOW.  No other bronzer has been able to duplicate the perfect shade of naturally tan as Hoola, and most of my girlfriends agree. I think I might have found an equally awesome superstar product in this Erase Paste.

Like a concealer, but not really...more creamy and velvety than a concentrated concealer, yet the coverage is more than you'd expect by looking at it.  It has a nice melon tinge to it which I thought might be too pink for me, but ends up cutting redness and darkness really well.  It comes in only three shades, yet they all seem to somehow work for many different skin types and shades since this product is so curiously versatile.  The trick is to dab a bit on the top part of your hand and work with it like a palette of paint to avoid putting it on too thick.  Play around - I'm confident you'll love it.  I use the lightest shade, and it blends really nicely with my other makeup.

Recommended!  Available at these direct links: Sephora.com and Benefitcosmetics.com

Modeling my Benefit Erase Paste (not that you can really see it but what the hey)  ; )
[Dress by Nightcap Clothing, Sunnies by Carrera]

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