Thursday, June 9, 2011

No Strollers at the Wynn Las Vegas

Did you know that the Wynn/Encore Resort in Las Vegas has a no strollers policy?   I've been wanting to post something about this for a long time but have resisted, knowing that I will probably get a ton of backlash for my views on this.

I PRAISE the no stroller policy.  The world is filled with all kinds of special policies, special reduced family pricing/rates, rules, allowances, line cutting privileges, childrens' sections/tables, ECT ECT ECT ECT.  I appreciate that this is the ONE place that I can go to indulge without being bothered by other people's children and all the obstructions that come with them - i.e. strollers.  Vegas is not a place for children and I think this rule makes that very clear.

I understand it would be frustrating for a mom, and it might seem unfair.  But, some places are just NOT for children - and nobody seems to respect that.  I don't want to hear a screaming kid at the table next to me when I'm paying $400 for a nice steak dinner at the Wynn.  I'm sorry, but I don't want to be burdened by your choice to breed when I'm at the Wynn.  At the grocery store - fine, it's different, we're in public...the grocery store is a place for everyone.  But this is the WYNN LAS VEGAS - the Disneyland for adults ~ take your kids to the real Disneyland - the place that's MADE especially just for them.

End rant.

Not surprisingly, I wrote a blog about it!  It's called Baby Bullies.  Enjoy.

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