Friday, June 10, 2011

How it's Done

[Kate Middelton in Jenny Packham]

This is how it's done.  Perfection head to toe.  They are a truly exemplary couple, aren't they? 

Kate's gown is a perfect blend of age appropriate, event appropriate and status appropriate without being too showy.  You can be a global role model involved in international politics and still dress in attire that isn't unimaginative, like Angelina Jolie often does.  I appreciate that her main focus is charity and awareness, but she often looks so generic, yet everyone gives nothing but praises across the board.  Pfffft.

I love that Kate glams it up a bit without overdoing it.  She's officially a fashion icon in my book.

Am I making you sick yet?  ;-)



  1. Good lord she is stunning! Tall, statuesque, perfectly dressed, AMAZING! She's got a great body for clothes too! Thin but not too thin, just perfect. And I totally agree she is becoming a fashion icon. Although she doesn't dress too out-of-the box in her everyday wear she glams it up for special events. I would call her everyday wear classic though, not boring and she always looks perfectly polished and classy, like the late Princess Di to whom she will always be compared. Oh and I'm not sick of them, either! LOL!

    Oh and he's not so bad either! LOL!

    I TOTALLY agree with you about Angelina! I do think there is something to be said for knowing what looks good on you and sticking with it but sometimes she just NEEDS to switch it up! Because you're right, her style is becoming borderline boring. I don't understand how she ALWAYS gets praised for her fashion choices, either! Oh and Angelina needs to cut that hair too! It looks, boring, unhealthy and lifeless!

  2. Soooo when are the "Royals" coming to YOUR city?

    Vancouver BC; they're arriving now (CANADA DAY!, btw), ou la la ;)

    PS: I can TOTALLY see Kates fashion influence in your ensambles. Nicely done Vieve!

  3. Awww, thanks Gianna! If they come to SF I'm calling in sick to work bc there is NO WAY I'd miss that!