Thursday, February 24, 2011

I need some advice!

Ladies, what is your favorite moisturizer?

I have recently began using Retin A, which has turned my skin into a desert landscape nightmare!  My usual favorite moisturizer, Clinique Dramaticaly Different Lotion that I've been devoted to since age 14 is now no longer heavy enough to stand up to the Retin A goblin.

I like the results I'm getting from Retin A, however the dry skin is a bit much.  What are some of your favorite moisturizers?  I'm looking for one *without* an SPF - I already use a separate SPF cream.

Your advice is appreciated!  Oh, and a somewhat reasonable price point would be great, as well.



  1. Philosophy 'hope in a jar'. I want to say its $36 for a 4oz jar. Use it as my am and pm cream, love it

  2. I looooove Retin-A. My mom has been using it for 30 years and is in her 60s and has never had plastic surgery and still looks in her 40s. It really combats every skin issue.

    In terms of moisturizers, I Love my Ormedic line I get from my aesthetician's office. I wear the Balancing Anti-Oxidant Serum during the day and the Balancing Bio-Peptide Creme every other night that I don't put Retin-A on. I have not had to deal with the evil desert skin so common to Retin-A use since I've been using these products and my skin has improved dramatically. I use the skin cleanser and undereye cream as well because I really love the line!

  3. I LOVE Orgins products... they are really awesome with giving put samples as well.. go talk to them and see what they suggest and grab a few samples

    I think that this one might be good for you...

    Also their mega mushroom serum has changed my skin