Friday, February 4, 2011

The Beggar's Bible

We've all done it. You're trying to put together the perfect outfit in your mind but are lacking that *one* essential item that will take it from "cute" to SMOKIN HOT.  "Oh!  Samantha has a "x"...I can totally borrow it!"  It is OK to borrow from your friends... if you follow and respect the Beggar's Bible.

Have you ever had someone borrow something, then never return it?  Some people relish in tech-y, gadgety stuff, other people love to collect artwork.  Me?  My love, blood sweat and tears are devoted to my cherished wardrobe!   This right here has turned me into somewhat of a borrow Nazi.  I now have a small list of rules that applies to friends borrowing items of mine, and I think that it is inevitable that as a woman, you are going to get into it with one of your friends or siblings somewhere along the way when they "forget" to return what they've borrowed, or they return it damaged, or it comes back unwashed...the list goes on.

I'll never forget one instance where I found an item that someone had borrowed from me bundled into a ball on the floor hidden in the bottom corner of said person's closet - I had happened to stumble upon it when I was searching for a missing shoe of mine.  The fury raged heavy in my heart.  This hot button issue really does get ladies riled up and can definitely spark a full on war.

Here are my own personal rules to letting friends borrow something:

1.  Said item must not be brand new or in the "coveted" category.  I need some time to relish in a new item I've bought, or if I absolutely adore and cherish it - I WON'T let you borrow it!  There are only a few items in "coveted" category, so this isn't too often an issue, and my friends usually know better than to ask for a coveted item.

2.  Said item must be returned within one week of borrow date.

3.  Item must come back in the shape it was given out in, or the borrower must pay to replace or fix the item.

4.  If it is an item of clothing, it must come back dry cleaned within the one week return policy.

5.  If the borrower is not your size (give or take) they are not allowed to borrow any item of clothing in which they may stretch or damage due to size discrepancies (goes for shoes as well).

6.  If an item is unreturned and this goes unnoticed by the owner, when the owner realizes the borrowed item has been missing, there will be a penalty in which the borrower is banned from borrowing again for one full season.  It is the borrowers responsibility to ensure that said item is returned within the one week policy - with no reminders from the lender.  It is the borrowers responsibility to ensure that the item is in the lenders hands within the timed policy, and not left somewhere for the lender to pick up, unless specifically agreed upon by the lender.

7.  It is by all means ILLEGAL and ill-advised to borrow any item without asking - whether you are a friend or blood relative.

Follow these guidelines or your own made up rules to stay on lovely and fabulous terms with your closest friends.  And the next time you are searching for that perfect golden accessory to bring your outfit from a B to an A+, you will feel solid knowing that you can turn to a friend to help, thanks to the Beggars Bible.


When you have this much fabulous gear floating around, you must follow the rules! We do :-)
[Max Azria Runway dress, Tiffany & Co. cuff, Marciano earrings]


  1. This is GREAT! Believe it or not, there have been instances in which I thought I lost something and went out to buy a replacement, only to find the original lying around a friend's house months later. While I optimistically like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt about being respectful and responsible with other's things, that unfortunately doesn't always prove to be the case. In a man's world, there are many things I lend out that I don't need back within a week, but I totally agree that the borrower should return them "as good" (or "better than") before within a short period, as I try to do. I came to the realization that when it comes to stuff like camping gear, tools, DVDs, and other things that I probably won't remember in detail, I simply make a list when I hand them over. Good job on establishing rules to keep it under control!

  2. I'm sorry people have been mean to you from Shayne's site. I think you're really pretty and never said how much I loved your creme lace dress from New Years. You have genuine style. Don't change a thing about yourself! I'm inspired to start a blog myself :)

  3. Thank you for your kind words heather. Start a blog! It's fun and liberating! Kisses -G

  4. With Ms. SDLR on strike and you not posting in foreverrr I am at a loss!

  5. This post is so true! The worst is when I have friends who are definitely NOT my size giving me sh*t for not letting them borrow my stuff. I know I look adorbs in said item but they wouldn't. How do I say it nicely instead of, "Do you NOT realize our size difference???! HELLO!"