Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammy Awards 2011

These critiques are a lot of fun for me.  Here are my thoughts on some of this year's Grammy Awards looks!!

Eva Longoria in ?
I think this is a pretty stunning look on her.  I'm a fan of over-the top ruffles and high waistlines (those who are friends with me on Facebook definitely know that from my pictures, haha).  This dress pairs the two well, and it also flatters her body type - showing off just the right parts that she has going for her: her fierce legs, arms and her face with that slicked-back hair.  A-

Kelly Osborne in Tadashi Shoji
This is a pretty fierce look and flatters her curves nicely.  I love the dress, I think the shoes pair well with it and the length is just right.  Any higher and it would have made her legs look too muscular.  The only thing I'm not really a fan of are those roots!  B+

Ciara in Emilio Pucci
If anyone was going to rock this revealing of a dress, it would have to be someone like Ciara with that rock-hard body.  Even still, this look is overall way too masculine/gladiator.  With that aggressive in-your-face bodice and equally bold shoes, this look radiates too much masculinity and takes away from Ciara's incredible body.  The slit is about 4 inches too high, but would have looked much more proportional if she had worn leg-lenthening pumps and not gladiator heels that cut off her stems and make them look stumpy somehow...seemingly impossible but somehow it happened.  I do like the earrings and the middle-parted long, shiny hair; it goes nicely with the theme of the gown.  However, WHAT is up with the overaccesorizing trend lately with bangles on both arms?? Too much, ladies! Too much!  C-

Heidi Klum in Julien McDonald
Ok, this is a HUGE improvement from her last looks at the Golden Globes.  In fact, that was so bad, I think that memory is going to skew my opinion on this look today, because ANYTHING would be considered an improvement.  In any case, this overall is a pretty nice look on her.  I do like the gown, and I've seen it from other angles as well and it just gets better.  The only thing I don't really like is how wide and gaping the front slit/opening is.  It's showing a little too much high inner thigh if you ask me.  However, her hair, makeup and accesories are spot on, and this shade of gold compliments her complexion well. Glad to see things are looking up for Heidi. I just noticed the veiny feet. Egh.  B

Jennifer Hudson in Versace
This just might be my favorite look on the Grammy's Red Carpet.  MAN, talk about a body!  That Weight Watchers campaign has definitely done her right.  In addition, this dress does JUST the right job of showing off all the right parts.  Her waistline looks tiny, her skin is glowing and her silky hair is the perfect accessory to that neckline.  Brownie points for not adding a necklace, either!  I usually don't like mullet dresses, but this one is cascading in just the right way and instead of appearing tacky, it is reminiscent of a Greek Goddess.  The shoes are just the right touch as well - not too bulky or chunky, and more creative than a basic pump.  You go girl. And, after having a baby...this look is the anthem for all mothers out there. A+

 Kim Kardashian in Kaufman Franco 
It's a rare day in which Kim Kardashian isn't impeccably put together.  Usually we see nothing but passing grades from her, but today is an exception.  This dress makes her look wide.  The word "linebacker" is coming to mind.  Is she not channeling Khloe in this dress or what?! Now, I never usually feel this way about her - I think she's one of the most well-dressed and smokin hottest celebs out there!  In addition, it's way too reminiscent of JLo at the 2009 Golden Globes (see picture here: - and I didn't like that look on her either, as it made JLo look thick and linebackerish as well.  Considering KK is often associated as a wannabe JLO, I'd have opted to steer clear of such a similar look.  Lastly, I really feel like this cut only works on waif-type bodies where the dress can hang just right - not where it's bringing attention to curves in the wrong way. Her face and hair look pretty though!  D

Selena Gomez in J. Mendel
She certainly is cute as a button.  I like this dress on her - it's not too boring and PG, but it's nowhere near too risqué or revealing for someone her age.  I think she got the hair right as well, and she just looks like a blooming star.  The dress could have been hemmed a bit however, it seems to be dragging.  A

Leanne Rimes in Reem Acra
It's hard for me to tell if this is as unattractive as I think it is, or if I'm being influenced by how much I don't like Leanne Rimes as a person.  Either way, I'm not feeling it.  It's doing that same linebacker thing that was going on with Kim Kardashian!  The cut widens her instead of flaunting her shape.  Look at the midsection.  It's bulky and with the sequins appears too thick.  Also, it looks too tight throughout the legs - like she'd be waddling down the carpet unable to take properly sized steps.  The closed-toe black shoes are also a random choice and stick out in a bad way.  NEXT! D+

Jennifer Lopez in Emilio Pucci
JLO looks nothing but divine in this look.  I love everything about it - from the wild hair down to the Christian Louboutins.  Mirrored mosaic done right - unlike one ensemble coming up later in this post.  Her legs are inspiring me to do more calf lifts and the dress fits her like a glove.  She's having a good run lately! A+

Rhianna in Jean Paul Gaultier
After writing these posts today I've come to realize that I really dislike any kind of fabric that is going to add extra bulkiness and make a woman's figure appear too thick.  AGAIN, this dress is committing that crime with Rhianna along with KK and Leanne Rimes.  I think this could have been better with a different neckline as well, perhaps a one shouldered deal or a V neckline.  She looks stiff, and we can all see your underwear Rhianna.  All she needs is a fruit basket headdress and to start doing the can-can!   D

Katy Perry in custom Giorgio Armani
She's young, she's rebellious, she's wild. So, obviously I expected something like this coming from her.  The angel wings don't even bother me - I actually like her kooky and crazy fashion choices.  My issue with this particular dress is that it looks like a craft project or a costume instead of a couture gown.  The taffeta skirt material reminds me of the prom rack at Dillards and the mosaic mirrored hot glue gunned top as well. However, her hair and face look gorgeous, and I'm sure she'll make up for this next time. D+

Lea Michele in Emilio Pucci
Eh. Underwhelmed by this.  Same exact thing as her look at the Golden Globes in my last post about her - something is not wowing.  Whether it's her or the dress or both, I can't really tell.  It's OK, but this isn't going to be one that will stick out in everyone's memory by any means.  I'm not really even sure what would improve this look.  Different makeup? Hair?  In any case I'm bored already looking at it.  C

Lady Gaga in a cocoon
Sigh.  Lady Gaga....always the attention whore.  Lol.  Gotta give her credit for originality.  C? Who even knows.


  1. Comments from the peanut gallery: JLo and JHudson are B's. Kelly Osborne's dress was too voluminous for her body type. And Katy Perry didn't do her body any justice in that white frock. I'd have to say Selena is my best dressed...followed closely by Eva...and then Heidi.

  2. NO NO NO Rihanna. She looks like a shredded q-tip.

  3. "mullet dress" - LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

  4. J LO looks incredible. Her look tonight combined with her consistent greatness on Idol (in HD no less) has put her back to the top. Your analysis was on point Vieve. Sooo funny! Keep it up!

  5. My concern with Eva's dress is that it seem to shorten her neck. As a shorter person you have to be more aware of things like this to avoid looking stubby, and in this case she wasn't. I love the dress from mid-chest down, but the heightened, poofy collar is all wrong for her here. Come to think of it, it looks like her head is peeking out of a turtle shell.

    Other than that A-, I'm in accord on the critique. Entertaining post! :)

  6. Leanne needs to eat a fuckin steak....sorry but referring to her as a "line backer" is only going to feed her disgusting, hollywood driven eating disorder. She could use a little "widening"!

  7. ^^ it's the dress, the DRESS that's linebackerish. That's what I meant.

  8. I think she probably wore something baggy to hide her jutting ribcage!