Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions, Shmesolutions? Not this year!

Typically, I've never really believed in New Year resolutions, due to the fact that they're so commonly associated with failure and disappointment.  I've always figured: if you want to change something about yourself, why wait?  Every day is a new beginning.  New Year resolutions are loaded with pressure and expectations, so perhaps it's better to make a concerted effort all year long to improve yourself?

However, I find myself at a place where I'd like make some positive changes, and since it coincidentally happens to be the beginning of a new year, I am going to jump on the bandwagon and make some "resolutions" for myself.

1. Be less fussy.  By "fussy" I mean: short-tempered, high maintenance, irritable.  I'd like to try to let things slide off my back more and prevent exerting my frustrations with my own personal situations on other people around me.  I tend to get myself "in a tizzy" at times, and I think its important to keep it to myself and spare my friends and family the frustration and burden of my irritable mood.  In addition, I'd actually like to work towards being more calm and at peace with things, as opposed to letting the small stuff get to me.  "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson is a great book that helped me immensely a few years back-perhaps it's time to give it a re-read!

2.  Keep my house more organized!  This one has been a big challenge for me.  I do make a small daily attempt to tidy up and organize my belongings, however there is definitely room for improvement, as I have a tiny little studio that is bursting at the seams with clothes and other belongings.  This is why I've decided to hire a cleaning service to come in and do a power-cleaning once a month. Financially, it works out to be about $25 a week, which is money very WELL spent in my opinion.  If that's what it takes for me to achieve a cleaner home and a cleaner mind, I am definitely in agreement!  In addition, I'd like to continue to make a daily effort to clean and tidy a small amount every day, to avoid everything piling up and becoming a daunting and overwhelming task.  As Shayne Lamas says: "A chore a day keeps the cellulite away!".  ;-) If that's not an inspiring little motivator for women I'm not sure what is.

3. I'd like to communicate with my friends and close ones over the phone (in conversation) and in person more often, and reduce the amount of communication via text message.  This will work towards strengthening my bond with my loved ones in real-life and not just in tech-land.  I do love to text, but I've realized a real life conversation can never be replaced with words on a screen.

Happy New Year, and I wish you all well on whatever goals and aspirations you have for yourselves in 2011.

[American Apparel stretch lace dress, Paolo Iantorno snakeskin boots, MAC glitter pigment]


  1. I linked to your blog from Shayne's. I actually can't stand her or Nik but I do love clothes & such. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog and I think you are beautiful. I like that you can actually spell and you use proper grammar.

  2. You look amazing! I <3 your dress and love that you put who you are wearing!