Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Notable Golden Globe Mentions

My take on some of this year's best dresses and the more, ahem..."memorable" Golden Globe dresses as well.

[Emma Stone in Calvin Klein]
I'm a bit torn on this one.  At first glance, I feel like the muted color and crepe-y texture of this fabric wash her out, and the dress is too plain Jane for an event like this.  However, the more I stare the more I like.  If the cut on the upper part of the gown was anything but that babydoll tshirt neckline and sleeve, say a one-shouldered asymetrical cut, this dress would go from a maybe to a yes.  She has the right skin tone and hair color to make this fabric work.

[Olivia Wilde in Marchesa and Christian Louboutin]
This is absolutely one of my favorite dresses at this event, and also in recent years across numerous black tie affairs as well.  I love the femininity of the rhinestones that are subdued by the nude and black background.  A fine line is what separates rhinestones from being just right or too much - and this dress blends princess and rock star perfectly.  I also like how the gold shoe adds an unexpected - borderline clashing - touch.  The hair, however, is what makes this entire look a B+.  I'd have preferred a swept back high pony or bun with bangs left to complete this bold look.

[Heidi Klum in Marc Jacobs]

We've been seeing this sort of thing a lot lately from Ms. Klum - I don't know what is going on with her. Almost every look she's been putting together in recent history has been falling flat - and this is NO exception.  The cut of this beach frock does nothing for her new mom body, and even a supermodel didn't make this look work.  The fabric bunching/floral detailing at the waist takes any shape out of the picture, and her messy hair just completes this beach bum ensemble.  Not to mention that it's completely inappropriate for a black tie affair.  OH!  And I just noticed those wooden bangles on BOTH wrists.  Worst dressed nominee!

[Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad]

This was one of my favorite looks on the Red Carpet.  I love everything about it  - it's fresh, chic, fashion-forward, glamourous and unexpected.  The hair, makeup and accessories accentuate this look and bring it all together impeccably.  I don't expect a lot of people to like this look, because she is wearing a cape-like thing, but this is exactly what I look for in a show stopping, memorable ensemble.  In addition, if it were any other color besides white it would have been just too much.  You have to have the right attitude and aura to wear something like this or it will look silly - and JLo got it perfect.  This diva earns an A+ from me.

[Megan Fox in Armani Prive]
This is another one that was not my favorite.  It reminds me of a bad Bebe dress.  Now don't get me wrong, I own many pieces from Bebe that I love, but anyone who's familiar with Bebe knows that their looks are very hit or miss, and when they're missing - it's usually in a cheap, stripper-glam kind of a way.  In addition, I felt like her eyebrows are penciled inwards too much, which gave her a unibrowish look in some of the pictures, although it is not too evident here.  I'll give this look a 6 out of 10, but considering how smoking hot she is, on anyone else this would have been a 3.

[Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta]
Either she doesn't have it, or the dress doesn't have it.  But this look is falling flat for some reason?  I'd have liked to see this dress in a deep jewel tone.  In addition, she and it looks too stiff.  A good dress in theory for an event like this, but it just didn't come together and wow.  The fabric reminds me of hotel curtains.  I'd have liked to see this on an older woman.  It's a lot of dress for a lotta woman, and this chick doesn't have it.

[Anne Hathaway in Armani]
Another A+.  This dress was lenthening, flattering and completely movie star glam.  The nude sequins bring it from eye-catching to showstopping.  The bare back adds just the right unexpected twist at the end, and her dark hair draped across her shoulders adds just the right amount of contrast against the nude shimmer.  Best dressed nominee!

[Christina Aguliera in Zuhair Murad]
What would be the drug comparable to what Meth does to a person, but in the opposite way: turning them into a disheveled mess?  Weed? Booze? Whatever it is, Xtina is on it.  When my man friend saw this picture, he actually and honestly thought this was Snookie.    I can't say enough bad things about her look here.  She somehow managed to make this GORGEOUS dress look completely terrible!  The fit is all wrong, her chest seems to be levitating in the corset but at the same time she has no cleavage?  Her hair looks like unwashed yellow straw and that middle part...SMH.  Horrid.  WORST dressed nominee...and let me repeat: THIS DRESS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!  I'd have loved to see it on...Mila Kunis.  A complete shame.  Get it together Christina...I don't know what is going on with her this year.

[Michelle Williams in Valentino]
I am absolutely devastated to see that this dress is Valentino.  I love Valentino.  There is nothing about this dress that can be construed as attractive.  I think Joan Rivers said it perfectly "This dress is actually more effective than an IUD for birth control!"  This is so bad, on so many levels...I can't even think of one scenario that this would be appropriate besides my 12th birthday party in 1996?  I heard one critic say this should have been worn to a party in the Hamptons in the summer and not the Red Carpet.  Even still, I'd think this dress was heinous, silly and burn-worthy if I saw this at a summer beach party.  Worst dressed, no question.  And the pixie hair brings it from terrible to... I don't even know.  Fail.

[Leighton Meester in Burberry]
I'm torn.  Is it "sister wife" or "androgynous chic"?  Maybe its the Amish cut paired with the clay-sand color...but something is not working here.  The dress has potential.  Imagine it on Giselle with a sleek ponytail.  Meeser missed the mark.

[Eva Longoria in Zac Posen]
A crowd pleaser.  She looks good.  The classic, voluptuous Latina look done well.  Not the most exciting gown of the evening...but it gets the job done.  Would have liked to see it in a better color...perhaps aubergine or cream. 

[Natalie Portman in Viktor & Rolf]
I feel like everyone is quick to love this on her because it is kind of her year, with Black Swan and the baby and all...but imagine if it wasn't her year and she wore this.  Would we like it as much then?  The rose is silly, and there are too many red accents going on.  She looks pretty, but this dress gets more irritating every time I see it.

[Sandra Bullock in Jenny Packham]
I didn't even recognize that this is Sandra Bullock when I first saw this - she looks substantially younger here to me.  While this is a good this particular situation it is also a double edged sword.  The look in its entirety comes off a little silly, with the bangs and the whimsical dress and all.  But hey....I guess motherhood is agreeing with her!  Girl looks hot, even still.  I'd have liked to see this dress on Leighton Meester...not that Amish frock.


My Worst Dressed:

Michelle Williams 

My Best Dressed:

Anne Hathaway

xo and happy fashions...

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