Thursday, September 8, 2011

Anyone who Has Trouble Sleeping, Read Ahead!

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I have to share this with my readers.  If you suffer from insomnia, trouble sleeping or light sleeping, you need to experience the best thing I've discovered literally since...I can't even think of a discovery close to as remarkable as these were for me!

Mack's Pillow Soft Earplugs have changed my life.  I had given up all hope on sleeping well.  I thought I was doomed sleep terribly for the rest of my life, always being burdened with irritability, the feeling of being "cracked out" and dark bags under my eyes.  I have always been an incredibly light sleeper.  I never really knew if I was sensitive to sound, movement, light, or just had trouble sleeping in general - I just knew that sleeping for me has never been easy.  I'd tried all the foam earplugs before, and they barely helped.  I had written off earplugs entirely, until someone at my work (a loud nightclub) made me use Mack's Earplugs to protect my ears from our loud, pounding soundsystem.  They drowned out so much of the booming music efficiently, I thought about trying them for my insufferable sleeping issues.

I have not achieved this much solid, uninterrupted and sound sleep literally since I was a young child.  It turns out that sound is the primary culprit that interrupts my slumber and that wakes me up at night.  These earplugs have literally changed my life.  I can now sleep.  I CAN NOW SLEEP!!!  I am not irritable every day.  I am not fighting with my loved ones from being grumpy all the time.  I feel healthier, well rested and in general more relaxed and less stressed out.  I can sleep through the night without being woken up to the slight sound of the wind outside, or my neighbors flushing their toilet.  Or the sounds of city life.  I am even able to sleep through other human activity in the room I am sleeping in - something I NEVER thought possible! Literally a huge breakthrough for me.  I am now a normal sleeper, like everyone else.  I feel freed - like my sleep is no longer dependent upon other people.  I feel protected by my earplugs!  If you are using them properly - sealed partially inside your canal and to the outside of your ear, blocking out all noise - they are the BEST earplugs you'll ever experience!

So, THANK YOU, Macks.  You have absolutely changed my life.  And for my readers who feel hopeless and that their insomnia will ultimately continue to have them by the BALLS, give these a shot.  While insomnia is partially a result of your psyche going wild...drowning out all outside noise helps more than you think it will.  I didn't think that sound was the primary reason I was not sleeping well before I discovered these - I thought it was my racing mind.  Looking back, my mind would race increasingly the longer I stayed awake, stressing out about not getting enough sleep.  Those who know will recognize this little "game" that is no fun whatsoever.  These have helped me so much, and one of the best things about them is that they are DRUG FREE.  So many people suggested going on Ambien to help my insomnia...and I'm so glad that I won't be feeding my system with unnecessary chemicals just to get some rest.



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