Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You Have to Wait for Your Reward with this One :-)

Bond No. 9: Eau de New York

This is a very peculiar fragrance. Its one of those that does a complete 180 from the initial burst to when it settles into my skin. Usually all perfumes do change somewhat from when you first apply to after it's been sitting on your skin for a while, but this one is a night and day difference. The *reason* I bought this was because of the dry down that it possesses.

The initial scent I get when I spray this on is a lot like Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino, which I used to own.  A LOT. And although I do like the initial burst of citrus, basil, lots of neroli and the general "freshness" of the smell - it's the fade out that I'm really waiting for. I just cannot describe the smell of this fade out ... it's incredible. The smell that remains is that of a warm, almost velvety type of draping layer that lingers on your skin and just smells "good". I've smelled this (or something like this) on a woman before, and I just cant remember who or when it was, but I remember thinking that she smelled so inviting and good, but not in a perfumey way - but like it was just her natural scent that I was smelling. Slightly sweet, soft skin. That's what this smells like after the initial 10 minutes of citrus that you get.

Usually I buy fragrances for how they smell on my skin straight away after I spray them on, and I end up being disappointed with the fade out. This perfume however, is the opposite - I can't wait for the initial notes to burn off, revealing the warm, inviting, delicious and soft undertones that this perfume has.

It's expensive, but when you find a great perfume that suits you, it's more than worth it! Enjoy!  A lot of the Bond fragrances are worth looking into.  


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