Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gaunt Versus Thin: The Debate Rages On

The issue of being too thin rages on.  

Leanne Rhimes has been attracting a decent amount of negative attention for how thin and frail people believe she has become.  Here is a recent picture of her on her honeymoon in Mexico.

When I see this picture, I do wince a little bit.  It just doesn't look natural.  I don't think its only because she's too thin, however.  Hear me out.  For someone like Leanne who has an athletic build to begin with, being this thin tends to make the body look contorted and freakish looking.  Her frame is on the wide side, and I can tell that she naturally has a bit of muscle and is "big boned".  Her being this thin only highlights the abnormalities of her frame and makes her look boyish.   It's not a healthy or attractive look.  However, not all women look like this when they are on the too thin side.  Take this model for example (the one in the middle):

She is extremely thin.  But her proportional and more feminine body type make it so that how thin she actually is doesn't look as gaunt and emaciated, as with Leanne.  I'm not saying that being this thin is healthy or recommended, but I do think it's a good example of the importance of being in tune with your body type and what works for you.  If you are naturally a bit thicker, bigger boned or more athletic, embrace it!  I'm not saying jump on the "curvy women rule" bandwagon and use it as an excuse to scarf down a bunch of fattening and unhealthy food.  However, I will say that some women do look really good very thin, and some women should be a bit on the larger size.  The thin look works on this model, but definitely not on Leanne.  On the model it looks natural, on Leanne it's obvious that she has most likely abused her body to become this thin. 

Listen to your body.  You have to find your personal ideal size and shape. Don't idealize someone who has a different body type than you do.  It is unhealthy and will only contribute to a skewed reality.  I appreciate and have lusted after the body types of Audrina Patridge and Megan Fox...and then it dawned on me one day that I'm never going to be as voluptuous and womanly as they both are with the size negative A breasts I have.  I have a different role model that I follow - one that is more suited for my willowy body type.

As always, make sure you are getting enough nutrition. If you seem to be perpetually 5 or 10 pounds heavier because of this, so what.  It is SO worth it to be healthy.  Long term lack of nutrition is one of the number one things that will age you and give you various sorts of developmental disorders as you get older. PLENTY of fresh vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats and water.  A good food based vitamin and probiotics work miracles as well.


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  1. She's was chubby as a teenager and admitted to having an eating disorder. She had issues with food because of her relationship with her estranged father. He was her manager and tried to take all her money and control her career. Most people with eating disorders feel like they have no control of their lives and develop unhealthy relationships with food to comfort, soothe/self-medicate and or manage the emotional pain. Lately, she has taken a lot of heat from the press and the public for being the "other woman" and a home-wrecker. Perhaps she's fallen off the wagon. It's also possible she feels the need to compete with Eddie's ex-wife, who is a former swimsuit model.

    With regard to the debate, I have to say from my personal experience, I have been up and down the scale quite a bit due to injuries and surgeries. It is recommended by my doctors, because of my bad back, that I stay on the thin side. The lighter I am the less pressure I have on my spine. I used to run and got very thin. Some people would compliment me on my body and others would tell me they were "worried". I have never had an issue with food. I love it and couldn't, in a million years, starve myself. Yes, I've cleansed but I do it for internal health reasons: Also recommended by my doctors. REPUTABLE doctors!

    Personally, I think Leanne looks very toned. She isn't bony. I've seen women in her industry that look far worse, without any muscle. Remember Nicole Richie a few years back? When I lived in L.A. I saw tons of actresses that looked scary thin and skelletal. Selma Blair was one of them: I bumped into her a lot on Robertson. If Leanne was a professional athlete - like a marathon runner - no one would say a thing. But, again, she does have a history... So, I can see why she is a victim of criticism.

    Anyway, my two cents.