Monday, May 23, 2011

Cannes 2011

Vanessa Hudgens in Fendi
Frumpy fabric and a frumpy cut = a frumpy Hudgens.  Cute for an innocent, younger look....maybe thats why she chose it.  To stray away from her XXX antics in recent history.

Bar Rafeli in Roberto Cavalli
This is the definition of sex appeal.  The dress hugs her curves unbelievably, and I love the deep sea blue color as a fresh look opposed to black, which is what I'd expect to see this dress as.  The cutouts are at interesting locations, giving just the right amount of tasteful curiosity combined with sexuality.   Additionally, her swept back hair adds the perfect polished touch to this look. 

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace 
I wish Angelina Jolie would take more risks in fashion.  There's something to be said for classic beauty, but most of the pieces she wears are so safe and generically "good" - and this gown is no exception.  There's nothing about this look that makes it memorable or showstopping.  And taffeta is never a favorite of mine.  Is it just me or is her hair bed-headish and in no way Cannesworthy?  

Brooke Shields in Roberto Cavalli
This is matronly, unflattering and reminds me of a moo-moo.  Also, what does the huge printed flower resemble?  Yea.

Gwen Stefani in Lanvin
This was my favorite look at Cannes.  It's bold, classic, yet non-traditional.  I love the gold belt, and the swept back hair is perfect for the heaviness that this dress brings.  YES.

Gwen Stefani in Armani Prive
Compared to the previous dress we just visited, this one falls short in a big way.  The bodice does not fit her ribcage well and is hovering away from her body, giving her that dreaded "flat chested gap" that is never attractive.  Additionally, the eye makeup is piled on too thick, which ages her in my opinion.

Penelope Cruz in Marchesa
I love this gown on her.  Its light, refreshing and ethereal...perfect for spring.  It is a good accompaniment to Depp's ice-white sportscoat.  And, I love the nude look it provides with certain parts of her skin peeking through without being too revealing.

Kirstin Dunst in Chanel
This is the BEST I've seen Kirstin Dunst in a long time.  I wish she would choose to dress like this more often and stray away from her ironic hipster look.  She looks beautiful here!  Well done.

In Chanel
This is another surprisingly great look from Dunst.  A bit similar to the other dress, but hey I'll take it.  The only thing I'd change are the non-matching shoes.  Good job!

Mischa Barton in ?
Very happy to see Mischa Barton looking cleaned up.  She's really becoming our generation's Courtney Love, I think.  She looks cute and girly here.  She's a pretty girl underneath the grunge.  I'm glad she opted to wear nylons, as we wouldn't want another dreaded reveal.  It is imperative to always wear proper undergarments, wardrobe tape, ect. to make sure your look is polished, not seedy.  Nude fishnets are one of my favorite go-to's instead of nude pantyhose.  They give you the coverage that you want and look chic, unlike traditional skin colored nylons that resemble tap dancer show tights or early 90's corporate wear.

 Rachel McAdams in Marchesa
This dress reminds me of the spring '10 Givenchy line.  Good on the runway, confusing in person on most people.  Too artistic for most women to pull off, and as no exception, I'm not loving the dress on her.  The dress itself is intricate and wonderfully detailed, but I think she's just the wrong person to carry a dress like this.  Someone like Gwen Stefani or Dita Von Teese would have rocked it.  Sorry to say, but Rachel McAdams just doesn't have enough presence or drama to work this.

Salma Hayek in Gucci
This dress is not a favorite of mine.  It looks waxy and stiff, and the heavy feather bolero is drag queen reminiscent.  And, the matte brick red color (with the matching shoes) is too muted and takes away from her natural beauty.

 Sarah Jessica Parker in Elie Saab
This would have worked better on a younger woman.  The colors and the pattern come off as a bit aged.

Tilda Swinton in ? and Roger Vivier Heels
I really love this look.  It's perfect for a formal affair during the daytime.  It's professional, feminine yet still powerful at the same time.  I'd love to rock this outfit at work any day of the year!

Uma Thurman in Versace
I absolutely LOVE this.  Refreshing, whimsical and mercurial in the way it moves.  It accents her body very well.  It definitely makes the grand entrance that you want when arriving at Cannes!


  1. Love this post! My favorites are Kirstin Dunst in both Chanel dresses (youre totally right about the shoes in the second picture btw) and Uma Thurman in Versace. Not sure which one is worse- Salma Hayek or Brook Shields!

  2. I agree with you with most of these. However if you look at Mischa from the legs down it looks really frumpy! She's wearing a cute, fun dress but the nylon plus shoe combo just don't go with the dress. The shoes would have been better without nylons. I don't know, nylons always add frumpy-ness to an outfit IMO. I think the dress would have been better with a cute pair of strappy sandles, even in the same color as the pumps. I think powder blue can be a difficult color in pumps, it can look old lady retirement home especially paired with nylons.

    Also I get why she probably wore the nylons. But how about just keeping your legs closed while wearing a dress?? Geez, its not that hard! Us normal girls do it all the time!

    I LOVE Bar Rafeli's dress. I love how it hugs her every curve without looking trashy! But seriously the girl has an amazing body & couldn't look bad in anything. I love the unexpected color too!

  3. I do not like Penelope's dress at all. I am NEVER a fan of the mermaid silhouette. I just don't think its flattering on anyone. It breaks up the body in a weird way. I also think that color over nude lining almost always looks cheap. Black over nude lining is even worse. Penelope's dress would have been much more classy without the tulle at the shoulder and bottom. There is enough on the dress without that.

    I'm normally not a fan of feathers but I do like Uma's dress. But it could ALMOST be a wedding dress.

    I love Tilda's look too! Perfect on her!

  4. I think she's wearing tights to control her cellulite, which I approve of. She couldn't do a bare leg. I think nude fishnets would be better, as I stated. Nude nylons are unattractive.

  5. Oh yeah, true. I should have clicked on the link before I made the comment. I thought maybe she pulled a Britney Spears & flashed her vagina (which I think Mischa has done too?) & that's why she was wearing the nylons. Poor girl probably has a complex about her legs now!

    You're totally right, nude fishnets would have been MUCH better.

  6. Okay, here we go...

    Vanessea Hudgens looks like she's wearing a sack. But she's young and still trying to figure out her personal style. Keep watching. I think she'll figure it out or, hopefully, find another stylist.

    Bar? Really? Cannes? Why? Yeah, she looks fabulous, but what is she doing there? She's not an actress. Maybe she's stalking her ex...

    Angelina Jolie definitely plays it safe. However, she is an activist and United Nations Ambassador. How would it look if she trotted around in diamonds and flashy frocks when she spends most of her time working to bring awareness to impoverished third-world countries? Audrey Hepburn did the very same thing as she matured in her life and career. Take a look back at her BAT style and then fast forward a decade to photos and press of her. When I look at Angelina, I am reminded of Audrey, in this regard. Audrey was the first actress to spotlight world poverty and advocate for starving children in war-torn countries. Fashion was not a priority.

    Brooke Shields: BOOOOOO! and seriously? Yikes! She should know better.

    Gwen Stefani: I agree. First: Awesome, although the make-up and hair were a little too dark and severe for my taste. Second one: Terrible for all the reasons you stated.

    Penelope: Beautiful. Well done! Greatly improved since the hoochie dress at the Oscars.

    Kirstin Dunst. Always in bad Chanel. Yeah, I agree, she's improved but she's too attached to capped sleeves. The strapless is better but so sick of her in white, cream, silver, blah, blah, blah, poop. HORRIBLE shoes! Maybe her luggage was lost.

    Mischa... Erg. Sorry, Vieve, but she still looks haggard. I don't agree with the nylon choice. She's been criticized about and photographed because of her cellulite. I think the nylons served a purpose unrelated to fashion. She's still a mess in my book.

    Rachel McAdams: Not a fan of her style. She has yet to impress me.

    Salma: Funny story: I took a kick-boxing class with her at Crunch in Hollywood, a zillion years ago. The instructor paired us up to spar and I left because I was afraid I'd hurt her. She is very tiny. I wasn't about to get sued! Anyway, yeah, she looks waxy. And Cannes is too warm for leather this time of year. Also, I'm pretty sure Jennifer Lopez war that same shrug to the Costume Ball in NYC a few weeks ago.

    SJP: Agreed. Not a dress for a petite woman.

    Tilda: Better for work, not for Cannes. This ensemble would look great on you, Vivalicious.

    Finally, you saved the best for last! Uma nailed it! Bravo. She is a "hit or misser" and but she knocked this out the park. Gorgeous.

    Love you, Vieve and LOVE your blog :)

  7. Hahahahaa! I loved reading that!! I so wanna know who you are!

  8. I agree that Tilda's look might be more appropriate for work and on ANY other starlet it would have looked very much like they were going to work. BUT this look is VERY Tilda. It would look awkward for her to show up in some fabulous gown a la Gwen or Uma. Plus the picture is from a day event so I think its appropriate.

  9. Day, shmay! It's Cannes! Be fabulous :)