Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Forget the Shades of Grey

There's a saying out there that I can't agree with more: It's either black or white - I don't do shades of grey.  If you're going to dance around a line, be a man and cross it already.  It's one of my biggest pet peeves in people- dealing with flakey people "pussyfooting around" as my dad would say.

Dishonesty will not pay off in the long run.  Be true to yourself and stand behind the decisions you make - and don't hide when life blows up in your face after a bad decision, that's how we live and learn.  

Being a honest person does not mean you will have a boring life, in fact it becomes much more interesting that way.  If you're bold and brave enough to stand behind your riskiest or most controversial decisions or opinions, it will be worth the criticism you may receive as a result.  In addition, this will put you on the fast track to learning from life's lessons.  You are kidding yourself by dancing in the grey zones, and lying and hiding will only stunt your success.  Being real has the best rewards.

xo, Viva

(Getting ready to fend off the flak with my brass knuckles,  ;-) jk)
Alexander McQueen brass knuckles


  1. Love this one. Not sure everything can be black and white - but I could definitely stand to think about more things in that way.

  2. I feel this way about the staff at Prada lol