Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Bullies

As I was clicking through the profile picture album of a Facebook friend of mine, baby picture after baby picture after baby picture, looking for an actual photo of the person themselves instead of their baby, I was reminded of my many encounters with what I like to call: baby bullies.  Babies babies babies....

I guess if someone is a rude person to begin with, that will always equate to what makes a rude parent as well.  Not every parent is or has to be a baby bully.

A baby bully is a person who uses their children and the fact that they are parents as an excuse/weapon against other non-children-wielding people.  Someone who takes the "family perks" a little too far.  It's frustrating enough that people with children get tax breaks, discounts, special parking zones, line cutting privileges among many other benefits in life, but do they really have to be obnoxious along with that as well?  I could really do without another runover toe or scratched heel from someone's stroller that they decided to slam into my backside in a hurry.  And the "baby on board" car signs - yea, please feel free to ram into my car otherwise, since there's no baby on board here!  In addition, maybe bringing your little one to a fancy dinner at a five-star restaurant isn't the best idea either...he or she will end up crying and ruining other people's ambiance that they're paying top dollar for at some point.  Am I being rude?  I apologize, but it's true to how I feel.  Maybe I'll become more empathetic after I have a child, but as for now, I'm speaking on behalf of all the single people out there who haven't decided to have kids and are tired of being treated like second class citizens!

Historically, I have had rough goings with baby bullies in the past, because it is something that really ignites me like no other, the fact that some people with children expect the rest of the world to bow down and lay a gold-plated brick path beneath their feet to support their decision to have babies.  Why should someone else's decision to breed negatively affect my existence?? I mean, I can empathize with crying babies or  uncontrollable tantrums and whatnot - I'm talking about more advanced levels of baby bullying.  The person who decides to park their stroller in the middle of a busy throughway in Peets while they obliviously chat on their cell phone, stirring sugar into their coffee as the kid is running wild.  I am in support of having a family and raising children. BUT, there has got to be a line, and parents should apply the same pre-baby rules and etiquette of society to post-baby life as well.

In an attempt to be diplomatic, I do think it's unfair to say that most people become this way after having their babies, because most people who are behaving rudely and obnoxiously were already pissing people off way before that kid came into existence in the first place.  I think it is important, however, to remember that after you have a child your manners, attitude and appearance shouldn't necessarily have to take a plunge either.  I recognize that it's hard being a parent and nerves can run shaky after a long, stressful day with the kiddies.  I guess I'm just trying to be a voice for the non-parents out there, to remind you to please, keep it courteous.  Theres no reason to take up an entire row of seating at the airport with your hoard of strollers, diaper bags, carriers, ect.  I can see how easy it is to get lost in kiddieland.  But remember...there's a real world out there too.


I had to throw the classic "Angry Baby" picture in 
[Angry Baby]


  1. And the "baby on board" car signs - yea, please feel free to ram into my car otherwise, since there's no baby on board here! LOL LOVE THIS LINE!

  2. Oh my dear. One day you will be singing a very different tune. This I promise you :) In the meantime enjoy your youth.

  3. I feel the same after raising a baby myself. I was always courteous toward the ‘public’ and raised my baby not to cry and scream in public or in restaurants. I get so fed up with these baby bullies you are describing that I have started to tell them off and point out their misconduct and bad manners! Heila

  4. ....And for those of us who are parents, who finally get a chance to go out to a nice restaurant-the last thing we want to see or hear, are someone else's children!!! Take them to Mickie D's dammit!!!

  5. How about people with a bunch of kids that they obviously can't/have no interest in taking care of? I'm not saying I'm for state sponsored sterilization...well, I guess that is what I'm saying.

    The other thing is, those babies of baby bullies are probably going to grow up to be jerks themselves.

    Ugh, Just Say No...to babies.